Viral News13 Jährige gequält video, 13-year-old boy tortured for hours leaked video

13 Jährige gequält video, 13-year-old boy tortured for hours leaked video

After Louise, a 12-year-old girl, was killed, there was another violent act in Heide that sent shock waves through Germany. A group of 12–17-year-olds are accused of torturing and filming a 13-year-old in the Schleswig–Holstein Heath. A smartphone was used to film everything. These videos are made available online by FOCUS. First, the Schleswig-Holstein Zeitung (SHZ). One of the people who did it has now come forward and defended her actions. The attack on the victim’s daughter shocked her mother.

Worrying videos show that the 13-year-old was hit in the nose and had soot and Coke poured over his head, among other things. The girl was screaming, gasping for air, and pleading over and over again.

But the abuser didn’t stop, even though the child begged him or her to. Instead, they decided which 13-year-old girls could be hit by which older girls. Then she can leave. Three tricks are shown in the five-minute film. But it is said that the child’s sacrifice took longer. The mother of the victim told SHZ that her daughter had been tortured for an entire afternoon.

She told the newspaper what the bad guys did to her daughter, which you can’t see in the video: Later, the girls reportedly put out a cigarette on the left side of her daughter’s face and lit her hair on fire. The mother said, “Then I found the burned hair tie.”

The whole thing ends when a passerby sees what’s going on and figures it out right. “When my daughter asked for help, he saw that she was in trouble and took her in. “We are very thankful to him,” the mother told the paper. “The bad guy ran away when a police car with blue lights and a noise came up behind him. My daughter tried to run away, but she was caught again. But the man could see that she needed help.” “The doctor is there to take care of her” at the day clinic where her daughter is still staying.

For the people who did it, this means that one of them has come forward to explain what she did. She said she was sorry during an interview with “RTL.” “I will never do it again.” The person who did it said that she wouldn’t have done the whole thing on her own free will. “Another woman made me do it.” It’s not clear if this is true or not. A source said that she felt bad for the person who was hurt.

The co-accused’s mother also told “RTL”: “When I saw the video, I didn’t think it was my daughter. I was surprised. But now she has to look out for her daughter, whose life has been threatened. The offender’s words were “typical of a perpetrator,” a psychologist said in RTL. “Because being in a group makes you feel better. Groups also try to get people to cross countries.”

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Astrid Heidorn, an official for the Itzehoe Police, also mentioned the “NDR” of “group dynamics” in this context. This means that each suspect will “get even” with the girl or do something to hurt her. Haydorn said, “Of course, for a lot of people, it’s very, very frustrating.” A police official said that there had been fights before the event.

Martin Sanders of the West Coast Child Protection Center told “NDR” that people who torture girls may want to “experience self-efficacy and strength,” which is seen as “wonderful.”

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