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3 People Dead in Shooting at Kurdish Center in Paris, Suspect Arrested

Everyone, welcome back! We have terrible news: three people died and three others were badly hurt in a terrible accident that happened recently at the Kurdish center in Paris. First of all, we want to apologize and send our condolences to the family of the day. May their soul rest in peace. It was a very big, terrible shooting that happened in one of the world’s biggest cities. It was planned and took place at the Cultural Centre. A lot of people in the area were shot.

There are signs that this attack was done because of racism, and an investigation has already begun. The suspect, who was 69, turned out to be 100 right away, and he was also let out of jail. Many surveillance cameras caught what was going on, and now they show that someone came and tried to shoot in the open. Three people are now in critical condition at the nearest hospital. Police and emergency services were called right away.

This makes me think of an attack that happened in Paris on December 8, 2021, that was very similar. The French government is very worried about security inside the country. Everything was going well, and they were having a great night before Christmas, but then everyone heard gunshots. 6 minutes later it was total Chaos there were more than 6 or 7 shots of gunfire that could be clearly heard. The democratic council in France has also come out against this attack, and the president of France has also spoken out against this horrible attack on a small town.

Also, 10 years ago, in January 2013, three women from the Kurdish community were killed. It seems like there is still a lot of hate against this group, but the main reason is still unknown. A Turkish man was found guilty of these murders but died in 2016. Since then, the attacks haven’t stopped, which is a big worry about one of the things going on in the world. We hope the police will be able to figure out what happened and punish the people who did it.

Who is behind this disgusting and disappointing attack? To find out, keep reading articles on her website. They have a very sad history, and the roots of the bad things that happened to them can be traced back to about a hundred years ago. Because humans never forget bad things, the idea of revenge, anger, and violence is the most common one, while love spreads slowly.

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