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Alfaaz, a Punjabi singer, was hospitalized following a mohali attack

With great sadness, we inform you of the dreadful and unfortunate news that the well-known and renowned Alfaaz was hospitalized following an attack. You read that correctly; we will discuss Amanjot Singh Panwar, who was struck by a car in front of a Mohali dhaba. His friends and family have expressed their worry for him and are hoping for a quick recovery in the hospital.

Hospitalized is Punjabi singer Alfaaz

According to online reports, the fantastic incident occurred this past Saturday, October 1, 2022, outside a Dhaba in Mohali, where the Punjabi artist Amanjot Singh Panwar was attacked by some persons using a vehicle.

Amanjot Singh Panwar was involved in an accident and was sent to the hospital immediately; fortunately, he is now safe. Despite suffering multiple injuries, he is safe. What was the motivation behind this attack? The well-known singer Siddhu Moosewala shot to death in his automobile a few months ago, and now this has happened.

Punjabi singer Alfaaz is Hospitalized

According to certain internet rumors, a police FIR has reportedly been filed, and the investigation has allegedly begun. We can only hope that the police will apprehend the offender soon.

On various social media platforms, Amanjot Singh Panwar is receiving much support for his quick recovery from internet users expressing their worry and sympathy towards him.

Who is Alfaaz, a Punjabi singer?

Amanjot Singh Panwar, also known as Alfaaz, made his music debut in 2011 alongside Yoyo Honey Singh on the song Haaye Mera Dil. Due to the widespread appreciation for his piece at the time, it was the anthem of the youth. Amanjot Singh Panwar also produced a string of chart-topping albums back to back.

He is currently in poor condition, and while we hope he soon gets better, the authorities are still looking into the case and trying to decide. We sincerely hope that the content we provided was helpful to you. Let’s talk about some further information regarding Amanjot Singh Panwar.

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