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Antonio Andriani: Who Was He? The Family Of A Man Who Fell Into A Well In Erice

Antonio Andriani was having fun at a party when he slipped into a well. The hazy images depict his final moments and how he plummeted into the hole.

The owner also named as a suspect after the prosecutor’s office requested that he and a trusted advisor participate in a technical probe.

The parts of the maintenance hole cowl that broke when the supervisor died are being held by the police and fire departments.

How did Antonio Andriani live?

Antonio Andriani, the guy who fell into a well in Erice, presumed dead. The public was also given a frightening video of the occurrence.

The management had been renting out Andriani’s house for over a year. Adding the homeowner to the suspect list is a calculated decision taken against the backdrop of an intriguing narrative. More information may be found at hostspotnews.com.

Andriani was raised in Molfetta. He relocated to Erice in 2015 after his employer, Bio Salus, appointed him to industrial supervisor of the Trapani division.

In truth, based on early post-mortem results, the authorities chose to forego the post-mortem and send the body back home.

There are photos of a car accident that occurred during Antonio Andriani’s birthday celebration. He was the one who fell into an artesian well in front of all the guests while dancing. This tale is currently going popular on the Internet.

What became of Antonio Andriani? A video of his demise has gone viral.

Supervisor Antonio Andriani’s dying moments captured on film when he falls down a well in Erice. Following the death of the victim, authorities also informed the public that a suspect had been identified.

The accident occurred in Erice, which is located in the province of Trapani. There were a lot of people shooting photographs of the joyous occurrences as Antonio Andriani enjoyed them at his well-known birthday celebration.

What happened startled many people, and images and videos of it are now being shared online. Even though the photos are grainy, they capture the 40-year-highlights. old’s

A touching video also created in memory of Antonio, who died after falling into a well at Erice’s celebration. Unexpectedly, a video depicts the Bio-Salus manager’s last moments.

After Andreani died, authorities launched an inquiry to determine what transpired in the days preceding his death. It was made evident in this case that a suspect had been located.

Learn about Antonio Andriani’s age and family

Antonio Andriani had just recently turned 40 when he died, so his family must be devastated.

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People have expressed their sympathies and tributes to him, his wife, and other members of his family on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

A tragic incident happened at a rental property in the Pegno area on Sunday, July 3, around midnight, when the guy was celebrating his 40th birthday with family and friends.

The prosecutor in Trapani requested that the body be autopsied, so it sent to a morgue in Marsala. People who cared for him and his family expressed their deep sorrow on Facebook.

Despite the fact that the film designed to portray the greatest portions of the celebration, it ended up being about a tragic death. The supervisor can be seen spinning on top of the concrete fountain in the footage.

The plate snapped just as the individual was ready to exit. Andreani succumbed to the crowd’s shouts of terror and amazement after the man’s friends and relatives attempted and failed to assist him.

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