Atlanta Hospital Nurses TikTok Video, Emory Healthcare Nurses Fired After Viral On Social Media

This article is going to be shocking because we’re going to tell you about a shocking piece of news that is causing a lot of controversy and getting a lot of attention. We’re talking about the Atlanta nurses fired after making comments about their patients in Tiktok videos. Make sure you read this article until the end to learn more about the situation, as the entire social media platform is currently filled with discussions about it.

You might be wondering why this is happening and why nurses are coming into existence. According to resources and information, there are four labor and delivery nurses in Atlanta, and all of them were fired after posting a viral video called “kicks.”

You might be wondering why they were fired, and the answer is that they were talking about pregnant women and their families. This was the news from December when a group from Emory University added a video in which the day was talking about the patients.

Then she asked if she could take a shower or eat, and someone else said, “My ick is when you ask me how much the baby weighs and it’s still in your hands.” This video clip has since been deleted, but a user has uploaded it again.

When the whole department and health care staff found out about this video, they were fired and these steps were taken against them. On December 8, they released a statement explaining the whole situation and the video. The people in the video were being very rude by making comments about the patients who were at the hospital for treatment.

But an investigation was started because it wasn’t right, and many actions were taken against these employees. This video shows that the nurses were acting in an unprofessional way, but the whole staff was embarrassed and knew they were wrong. No one should ever make their patients feel this way or sad, because we should treat them with love and respect.

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