Death NewsBilly Coile: 43-Year-Old Mandeville Boater Found Dead, What Happened With Him?

Billy Coile: 43-Year-Old Mandeville Boater Found Dead, What Happened With Him?

Someone who was thought to be missing in the Mandeville area has been found, according to reports. Police said that the boater they had been looking for for days has been found dead, and his family is upset about it. The reports said that this person had been missing for a week, but the police were looking for him everywhere and couldn’t find him.

This week, the body of the missing person was found on a boat that belonged to a friend. Stay tuned for more information about what happened to Billy Colie and how he went missing. The St. Tammany Parish sheriff officer said that Billy collie’s body was found off the coast of Green Point. The person had been reported missing a week before. It was said that Billy was using his friend’s boat when he disappeared. The last time he used the boat was on January 8, 2023, at Lake Pontchartrain.

It was also said that Billy’s boat was found under the causeway near the 23-mile marker. Even though the body has been found, it is still not clear what killed the person. Police say they will soon find out what killed the person. The boat’s owner, who was also Billy’s friend, said that Billy took the boat with him when he went fishing on Saturday, January 7, 2023. Billy was 44 years old when he died, and his family filed a missing person’s report when they couldn’t find him near the house or get in touch with him.

The police said that Billy’s body was found in the ocean by the STPSO marine division on Monday, January 16, 2023. The body was found in the ocean near Green point. The sheriffs then took the body to the shore and gave it to the Tammay parish Coroners’ office so they could do an investigation and find out what caused the death. Billy’s death has been heartbreaking for his family because they thought he would come back, but he was found dead. Billy’s death has also been heartbreaking for his friends, who thought he would come back.

The police are looking for clues and trying to figure out what happened when Billy died. They are also taking a close look at the circumstances. The whole town is horrified by what happened, and Billy’s friends and people who know him have said they are scared by it. They have also sent their heartfelt condolences online, and many other people have done the same.

Officers from St. Tammany Parish also told the family of the person who died that they were sorry for their loss. Officers put out a statement in which they said that Sheriff Randy Smith sends his condolences to Billy’s family and that they were still looking into the case. They also said that the team never gave up. The officer also said that the team worked nonstop for a week to find the missing person and bring him back to his family. While everyone on the team sent their thoughts to the family.

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