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Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s video goes viral on Twitter Just Hours After They’d Split Up

People are shocked after watching a video of CHRISEAN ROCK that is currently going viral. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, it’s because a private video of Christian and Blueface, taken shortly after Christian stated that both of them had broken up, was leaked.

Christian also noted that after knocking on her father’s door, things with her family were not going well. People are discussing her negatively in this video on Twitter and other social media platforms, and there is a lot to write about in this story.


CHRISEAN ROCK was an Instagram model, singer, influencer, and many other things. Rap fans love her, and she was dating Blueface. After dating him for a while, CHRISEAN ROCK posted that they were breaking up, and her boyfriend responded by saying that he was never single and that they were still together.

After hours, a video of her and her lover from her account goes viral, garnering millions of views and sparking interest in the couple’s response.

What are CHRISTIAN ROCK and Blueface saying in response to this viral video?

So far, the pair has not commented on the trending video, but they will undoubtedly respond. In the meanwhile, she is trying to find a way to move on from the tragedy. Some of her supporters are defending her and arguing that if this is how she plans to exact revenge on them, that is not a good idea.

Some people claim It has also been demonstrated that the viral video of this originated from a Chilean Twitter account; however, the validity of this video may be questioned and revealed at a later time.

Which Internet video gained a lot of attention?

Therefore, a shocking video that is currently going popular on the internet. The main question is why this video got viral after she claimed on her Instagram account that she is now splitting up with him and just two hours later this video became viral.

The intimate video features both musicians Christian Rock & Blueface snuggling and enjoying some close scenes.

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