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Brazil fined Apple $19 million for failing to include a charger

It appears that the Cupertino-based company Apple has been hit with yet another large fine in Brazil, where it distributes its iPhones. A Brazilian court fined Apple Inc. a stunning 100 million reais, or $19 million USD, for failing to include a charging adapter on the new iPhones sold in the nation, according to a Reuters update. It mandated that Apple Inc. provide chargers with the new iPhones.

Brazil imposed a $19 million fine on Apple Inc

Another fine of $19 million USD, or $100 million reais in Brazil, was imposed on Apple Inc. The tech giant was fined because it neglected to offer charging adapters with the purchase of new iPhones, according to the Sao Paulo state court. It was further said that the business engaged in unfair business practises when selling phones devoid of chargers.

They claims that by excluding a charger from the latest iPhones, it is attempting to lower carbon emissions. The corporation, however, is defending its action by citing a “green programme,” according to the court.

The tech giant has also insisted that the decision was made because it knew Apple customers already had chargers they could use on newer iPhones, thus leaving out a charger made sense. It also relates to how it profits handsomely from a problem it created by charging a premium for peripherals like the charging adapter.

It is not the first time that it has received a fine. It has previously paid a Justice Ministry sanction of $2.5 million USD. The business was also prohibited from selling its iPhone 12 and 13 series phones without a charger, but it has nevertheless persisted in doing so. Apple was asked to provide chargers for iPhones sold during a two-year period, but this request was unsuccessful.

As per customary, Samsung and Google have also joined the trend by removing the charger from their retail packaging.

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