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Brit Ben Corser, 37, shot dead in Mexico supermarket was in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time

A 37-year-old software engineer from Cornwall, Ben Corser, was slain on May 24th. While sitting in a car outside a business in Colima, western Mexico.

Two of his friends, Claudio and Alfredo, were also shot and died inside the vehicle on Camino Real Boulevard.

Corser’s parents revealed his death on Friday, saying he was “tragically at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“We have received no explanation, no reasons, no hint of robbery, kidnapping, or anything else,” the statement continued.

“I’m sure the cops will finish their investigation and tell us what happened. There had been a major uptick in crime in Colima in the last few weeks. But the mayor said it wasn’t geared against tourists.

Ben had visited Mexico in January and was staying with an American-Mexican family when he died.
Ben was living with two American-Mexican males, Claudio and Alfredo, according to a Facebook post from his father Andrew Corser.

“On Tuesday evening, May 24 2022, Ben and Claudio returned from Guadalajara via bus, and Alfredo picked them up in the automobile,” according to the statement.

“They drove through Colima’s main street and stopped at a supermarket to buy food for Mamma.

“All three young males, including Ben in the back seat, were shot dead as they were in the car outside the supermarket.”

The Corsers went on to express gratitude to their friends and family for their help.

“Thank you for all of your kind expressions of sympathy and support, as well as all of the offers of assistance – St Just, and Ben’s wide network of friends, has provided the family tremendous solace in this dreadful time of bereavement,” the message stated.

Ben is the second Cornishman to be slain in Mexico this year. Following Chris Cleave, 54, who was killed in March while driving through Cancun.

The Corser family said: Ben has been in Mexico since January 2022, where he had been having a very happy and sociable time, living in different parts of Mexico, becoming part of the community, and also moving around a bit.

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