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Carol Anthony, Ian Rush’s wife, is how old? A football player has proposed to his model girlfriend

Carol Anthony, a 38-year-old American pop singer and model, will marry 60-year-old Liverpool football legend Ian Rush.

Ian Rush, now 60, was a Welsh National Football team professional forward. Between 1980 and 1987, he also played in football leagues for teams such as Liverpool Football Club.

Carol Anthony, who was born in Ireland, will marry former Welsh footballer Ian Rush.

Ian was born in Liverpool on October 20, 1961. He may be celebrating his 61st birthday with his new wife, Carol Anthony, who he married in 2019 after dating for five years.Hostspotnews.com

Wife To Be Of Ian Rush: How Old Is Carol Anthony?

Carol Anthony, the Irish actress and model who will soon marry Ian Rush, is 38 years old. Carol and the 60-year-old football legend have been dating since 2013.

Later that year, Ian Rush, then 57, and Carol, an Irish vocalist, became engaged. Ian and Tracy had been dating for a year after their long-term separation. He filed for divorce from Tracy after 25 years of marriage.

Anthony, a stunning woman in her mid-30s, was born in Ireland on October 11, 1983. She will celebrate her 39th birthday with her fiancé Ian Rush in a few weeks. The couple has celebrated birthdays together since they began dating in 2013.

Carol Anthony Is Singer From Ierland – Career Explored

Carol Anthony is a vocalist and glamour model who is about to marry Ian Rush. The Irish singer has thousands of Instagram followers.

The Irish singer is best known as Ian Rush’s fiancée. Carol, on the other hand, has been successful in gaining favourable attention through her modelling job. She thanks the public for the widespread attention she has received.

In 2012, Anthony appeared on TV’3 Celebrity Shop, where she and five other celebrities were put through a hair and beauty boot camp before being taken into a real beauty salon to practise their newly acquired skills on members of the public.

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Carol’s big break came after she decided to pursue a career in pop music and began performing under the name Carol Havana Havana. Her music videos can be found on her YouTube channel.

Carol Anthony Net Worth: How Rich Is Ian Rush Future Wife?

Carol Anthony is a well-known model and singer in the entertainment industry. Anthony’s net worth is expected to be around $1.5 million by 2022, according to multiple sources.

Carol’s wealth and income have benefited from her work as a singer and model. She enjoys travelling the world and living a lavish lifestyle. Her albums have sold thousands of copies, and her fortune is growing.

Rush, on the other hand, has amassed a net worth of nearly $2 million during his career as a National Football Player. Since retiring from football, he has worked as an analyst for a number of networks.

What Does Carol Anthony Do For Work?

Carol Anthony, the youngest of the Anthony siblings, is a model and vocalist. In 2012, she adopted the Pop Music aesthetic and began performing songs under the name Havana.

Carol founded Home-run Productions, which is a production company. She frequently attends football and horse racing games with her lover, Ian Rush.

She promotes her music through her Instagram account. Carol has released several songs that have received millions of views. She has always been a Liverpool fan.

Who is the daughter of Ian Rush? Meet His Children

Ian Rush and Tracy had their first child in 1987 and went on to have two more children together. The couple married for the first time in 1987. The legendary football player has no biological children, including sons or daughters.

According to his Wikipedia biography, he is a loving father to his two children, Jonathan and Daniel Rush. As a result, he must be a very proud father. They are in their 30s at this point, but there is no information available about their whereabouts or the job they hold.

Furthermore, the father of two fell head over heels in love with Carol, a tall and lithe blonde, when they met for the first time in Portugal in 2010. Carol was a tall, slim blonde. According to a mutual friend who let the information go, Ian and the model talked and exchanged phone numbers before starting to text each other frequently.

Tracy was made aware of the relationship between the two ladies after discovering a text message from Carol on her husband’s phone that contained explicit sexual content. According to Business Standard, she was left with a broken heart and the realisation that she had sacrificed her entire life for the sake of a single person. She had given up her entire life for the sake of one person.

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