HeadlineChloe Bailey Swarm scene l_aked with Damson Idris on s*x amazon prime

Chloe Bailey Swarm scene l_aked with Damson Idris on s*x amazon prime

In the Prime Video movie “Swarm,” Dominic Fishback’s usually likeable attitude gets cut. Instead, she played a strange Stan from an artist named Nija who sounds like Beyoncé. Co-creators and executive producers Donald Glover and Jenny Naborth, along with a writing team that includes 31-year-old actress Malia Obama, who plays Dre, are in charge of the new action show. Ni’Jah’s fan of the world’s biggest pop star, who is obsessed with her, sends her on a strange trip across the country to protect the superstar’s name and image. Chlo Bailey plays Marissa, Dre’s sister, on the show, and Damson Idris from “Snowfall,” who plays Khaled, Marissa’s boyfriend, is also in the cast.

Fishback was never thought to be the boss of the Swarm, which is an interesting fact. According to Vanity Fair, the actor was first offered the role of Bailey, which surprised the singer, who said she “couldn’t imagine Dre being anyone else.” Fishback told POPSUGAR that Glover and Nabors let her try something sinister because of her acting record and “lovable” character.

She said, “I went to a meeting where they told me this story about Dre, and I was like, ‘Oh, I want to play Dre.'” “So I told my team that, and when I talked to Donald on the phone, he said, “Tell me what you’re thinking. Tell me what went on. I said, “Listen, I never wanted to be an actress.” Glover told Fishback that he first thought of her to play Marisa because she “had to have a warm energy” and was “someone who felt like they could relate to and love and welcome.”

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“Oh, we’re so used to seeing you [as these cute characters], so I wanted to do something different,” she said. “They’re used to me being able to do this, so he didn’t think of Dre right away, but he liked the idea. He said, “Well, if you’re Dre, then what would the world be like if you were She instead of Marissa?” Who would your Marissa be?'” Put in Bailey – She says that Fishback’s acting on “Swarm” helped her talk about how she acted on the show.

Bailey told her co-star, “You’re a gift to the character and a gift to me. I’ve been able to do the whole series because of the Marisa you gave me.”

The “In Pieces” singer, who also appeared in the peacock-choral musical Praise This, said that she is drawn to “Marisa’s strength and how she seems to hold herself and her loved ones together” despite the dark tone of “Swarm.” She also said, “It’s like she’s the glue, but she can’t love, care for, and treat herself with the same grace.” I really want to do Marisa’s story justice, for everyone who feels that way. “Get up!”

Bailey was also interested in the friendship between Del Rey and Marisa because it reminded her of her own relationship with her sister, Halle Bailey. “My sister and I are alike in how much and how passionately we love each other and how much we ride for each other and fight for each other,” she said, joking that this rules out Dre and Marissa’s “toxic” relationship. “But there’s a lot that drives their sisterhood. When you look at my sister and me, it’s like fire and ice, because I’m a Cancer and she’s an Aries,” says Fishback. Bailey smiled and said, “Okay, ladies and gentlemen.”

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