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Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Isabelle Morini-Bosc

Chroniqueuse VIDEO Ivre tpmp video released. Isabelle Morini-Bosc Benjamin Castaldi and his entire team arrived on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube for the final TPMP event of the season this Thursday, July 7. Magali Berdah looked to be bursting with energy on the shoot. A circumstance that prompted consistent replies from online customers. When the columnist accused of drinking, the networks see it as a mirror reflection of her position. It’s probable that you’ll research MCE TV! Follow hostspotnews.com for further updates.

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video

It’s all done and dusted! Even the summer gave way to TPMP. As a result, Benjamin Castaldi and his team of columnists gathered for the der of the ders on Thursday, July 7. an opportunity for the former presenter of Secret Story to reveal the contents of his heart to the viewers And this time, Aurore Aleman’s husband shared a personal story about Matthieu Delormeau.

When he greeted the previous NRJ 12 star, the father of Simon, Julien, Enzo, and Gabriel made a passing reference to the occurrence. He informed me right away that there was just one week remaining. Two, three, or even a month… Finally, he lived with me for six months, during which time I fed, cleaned, and shelter him.

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked on twitter

I put it up and will proceed as follows: He borrowed my car. Then I allowed him into my refrigerator. It is undeniable that he has not yet finished the purchase. Although the TPMP journalist did not spend any money while he was there, he did remember to give his host a nice present.

He presented me with weekend vouchers for a hotel in Deauville, where I had a property. Matthieu Delormeau, I recognise you. A lunch in a Deauville restaurant is still very much worth it after six months in a 300-square-meter apartment in Paris’ eighth district.

There is little doubt that the TPMP columnists are close mates both on and off the set. MCE TV clarifies

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked on Reddit

Nonetheless, even in the height of summer, this was not the only aspect of the final TPMP that piqued the public’s interest. Certainly, a columnist’s actions astonished observers.

As Benjamin Castaldi greeted everyone on the desk, Magali Berdah tried to contain her laughter. a disaster that hit without notice. The outrage over this spreads swiftly. What was the catalyst? Her employees suspected she had drunk alcohol before arriving to TPMP.

A situation that some find intolerable The celebrity agents were entitled to a lot of commentary on social media. Magali Berdah described as “useless broke,” “she laughs madly constantly for 2 minutes, she had to empty the small bar within the changing rooms,” and “Magali Berdah drank sooner before photographing the gift or what?”

However, there are also expressions that go with it, such as “Tipsy a little no, Magazine? “, “Frankly I hallucinate to watch columnists absolutely drunk like that on TV,” “She had to be drunk,” and “Utterly inebriated, hallucinating.”

As a result, even during the summer, Magali Berdah’s presence on the TPMP set was unusual. We’ll have to go and see whether she’s going to talk about her outfits of laughing.

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