HeadlineColorado Man Jordan Douglas Krah's Racist Video In California Went Viral

Colorado Man Jordan Douglas Krah’s Racist Video In California Went Viral

Yesterday, a man from Colorado was arrested in a California In-N-Out for being racist and making homophobic comments. This story went viral on Tiktok and has been seen by millions of people since it was posted. He was doing this with Arine Kim and Elliot, two college students who were eating dinner at a nearby restaurant on Christmas Eve. They wrote down everything that happened, and a forty-year-old man named Jordan Douglas Krah was caught.

The police department said that the person had committed a hate crime. He hates both of the kids so much that he asks them about their race and ethnicity, which is disgusting, and he threatened them right up to their faces. People still believe in discrimination in a country that is so advanced, and these cases keep coming up in the form of “black lives matter” or “white lives matter.” People are made of the same flesh, so there is technically nothing wrong with it.

Many black people think that black lives matter didn’t make anything better and that it actually made things worse by dividing society. They also think rich people got richer by selling merchandise and promoting this event. Even though black people have come so far, they still have to deal with a lot of problems every day. Studies have shown that many people who came from Africa still do better than students who were born in the United States.

Which white people in the UK are good at math, science, and technology? This is surprising, but no media outlet wants to talk about it. People are violent by nature and smart psychologically. They just want to hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. Because of this, there are many ways to teach a child discriminatory behavior from the beginning of his education.

He is still in police custody and is being looked into. It was great that the police took action right away to stop this heat crime. He kept making threats against both students, and it was a very scary time for the teens. This event is also on Twitter, and it’s easy to find because there are a lot of hashtags trending about it. We need to stop seeing ourselves as separate countries and provinces and instead see ourselves as a 1bk home or Civilization.

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