Viral NewsDafu Love twitter video filtrado, quien es Jose Luis Hernández Escobar

Dafu Love twitter video filtrado, quien es Jose Luis Hernández Escobar

In my opinion, “Doctor’s Love” is disconnected from Daisy’s Destruction’s video. I don’t mean this in a morbid sense; rather, I mean it in the context of the content of the two movies. It’s the only movie I can’t download myself, but I have links to it on the black web, and it’s a very powerful film. So much so that I wager that even the most sombre, serious, and blood-stained person would cry or feel anything within the scope of the description I’m about to provide.

I want to make it clear that I don’t provide the link to anybody so they won’t ask me for it and that this article is only for informational purposes and not for profit. The video shows five adult family members—three men and two women—participating in a very appalling conduct in a vacant home.

One of the people I looked into was José Luis Hernández Escobar, a Spaniard who, together with 4 other people, had been looking into the suspicious behavior that took place in this house, which was reportedly located in the United States of America. those who devote their lives to the kidnapping of children, especially young children aged between 7 and 10 months. Further research revealed that the video was produced by NLF, which stands for No Limits Fun or Diversion Without Limits. Apparently NLF is responsible for creating this and other really powerful films like Daisy’s Destruction.

The camera pans to see two guys seated at a table drinking what appears to be beer from a glass bottle. They started talking for two minutes, at which point the photographer left the house to start orinating. He captured the disgusting scene of him starting to orinate and removing the pene. After that scene, the woman returns home, and two masked women enter the house, each carrying two bags. They started by opening the bag, which contained infants who would become victims of their horrific actions. The children were sitting on the ground reading some newspapers. The photographer moves to the blue car’s cajuela and grabs a toolbox while the two women are doing this.

The case seems large and weighty. The photographer enters a room where two women are finishing placing a baby on newspaper on the floor. Once everyone had gathered there, the house’s doors were sealed with candles. As a result, I kindly ask that they keep any children who see this away from the article for their psychological safety. I warned him to stay away from this article if he is really intelligent. After that, one of the women grabbed a baby seat and sat one of the babies down.

A cincel and a martillo were taken out of the toolbox. One of the women started sobbing while holding the baby to her face, and the woman then began to press down on the baby’s head and place a cincel in the top of the skull. A piercing scream erupted from the baby’s mouth when the martillo violently struck the cincel. The baby eventually passed away, and the bloody stream from the head and eyes was recorded.

The infant was taken from the sill and placed on the ground like a toy or an animal. One of the two men is now taking their turn, and they are approaching with a motorcycle and a child. This makes me really nervous and seems like a game. The infant was raised, his feet were arched, and he was placed in a tub that overhung the house’s outside wall. This action activated a motorcycle sierra that quickly separated the infant from its mother. In the same way, the scene is recorded, the baby is removed, or better yet, its remains are taken outside the house.

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