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DETAILS: Why Was Johnny Depp Ordered To Pay The ACLU $38K In The Amber Heard Case? The Reason Is Explained!

A month after obtaining the damaging body of evidence against his ex-girlfriend, Amber Hear. Johnny Depp required to pay the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) $38,000 in legal fees to comply with a summons for proof. That used in the preliminary, and an appointed authority ruled.

According to Law and Crime, during the preliminary, the ACLU requested $86,000 from Johnny Depp as repayment for creation costs, claiming that the reimbursement for the “extensive cost spent answering cumbersome summons served by Mr. Depp from a fundamental activity in which neither the ACLU nor any of its workers are parties.”


Stephanie Teplin, the ACLU’s legal advisor, stated that the $86,000 was reasonable. As previously stated, Johnny Depp allegedly sought many records dating back more than six years to be used as evidence in the maligning preliminary. Depp’s legal counsel documented a move in June, refusing to pay the $86,000. Heard insisted that the piece released around the same time as her 2018 action flick Aquaman. To bring more attention to the cause, she was supporting. Depp is suing Heard for defamation on three counts. We’re looking for almost $50 million in compensatory damages, a disciplinary punishment of at least $350,000, and attorneys’ fees and court costs.For the most latest changes, please visit our website hostspotnews.com!!!!!

Heard, 36, has filed a countersuit against Depp. 58, seeking $100 million in punitive damages and claiming that his genuine organization wrongfully attacked her for fabricating charges against Depp. Depp’s legal team expected to have completed their introductions. The jury and Heard’s attorneys set to begin presenting their side of the story one week from now. On Monday, the court will reconvene.


Johnny Depp ordered to pay the American Civil Liberties Union $38,000 in attorney fees. According to a Law and Crime newspaper, Depp summoned and used evidence against Amber Heard in his slander lawsuit. The designated authority granted less than half of the initial $86,253.26. The organization said it reasonable given the large number of documents they needed. The request was “extravagant and ridiculous,” according to Depp’s lawyer. The ACLU not be compensated since, it responsible for developing and placing the comments. That the Virginia jury recently found to be defamatory against Mr. Depp.”

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