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Devendra Fadnavis takes the oath of office as Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister

Devendra Fadnavis sworn in as Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister on Thursday. Alongside Shiv Sena politician Eknath Shinde as the state’s future Chief Minister.

Devendra Fadnavis had previously astonished everyone by announcing that Eknath Shinde would be the future Chief Minister of Maharashtra. And that he would not be a member of the administration. His choice not to serve in the state government reversed when BJP National President J P Nadda personally encouraged him to be the Deputy.

What Devendra Fadnavis told to reporters?

Devendra Fadnavis told reporters after meeting with Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and Shinde at Raj Bhavan that some dissident Sena MLAs, BJP lawmakers,and Independents be admitted during the cabinet enlargement later.

The Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) administration’s 2.5-year (approx. 31-month) mandate ended after over 40 MLAs, largely Shiv Sena and independents, defected against the coalition government.For the latest recent information, visit hostspotnews.com!!!!!

The Political Drama end today

The political drama that lasted weeks began on June 21, when the MLC election results announced. Eknath Shinde and around 15 MLAs traveled to Surat on the night after the results, where they camped for a few days.

As the conflict progressed, more Shiv Sena MLAs turned against the senior leadership and the MVA government and joined Shinde’s camp.

A few days later, the BJP got active, and Devendra Fadnavis visited with Governor, requesting a floor test and emphasizing that the MVA administration lacked the necessary votes.

The next day, June 29, Maharashtra Governor urged Uddhav Thackeray to establish his majority, and a floor test scheduled for Thursday.

The MVA government, on the other hand, went to the Supreme Court and lost its lawsuit against the floor test.
Soon after the Supreme Court declined to delay the floor test, Uddhav Thackeray resigned as Chief Minister,stating that he uninterested in the numbers game.

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