HeadlineDickson Lester: Who Was He? A missing student from Malawi University of...

Dickson Lester: Who Was He? A missing student from Malawi University of Business was found dead

A missing person report was made for a young man from Malawi who was only 25 years old. When police started to look into the case, they found one person unconscious who turned out to be the missing boy. According to news reports, the child was found unconscious in the woods and was later pronounced dead by doctors. The boy’s family reported him missing days before his dead body was found in the woods. The boy’s name was found to be Dickson Lester, but he has since died. Stay tuned for more information about how Leinster went missing and how he died.

According to reports, Lester went missing on December 23, 2022, and his family filed a report about him. It was said that Lester had died, and the medics said that he had died. Two women were out in the woods collecting firewood when they found an unconscious person in the woods. They called the police to report it. When the police came to the scene, they found out that the man was Lester. Lester was taken to a hospital nearby, where doctors said he was already dead. The police said that Lester was found on Saturday near the top of the Dedza mountain.

Cassim Manda, the deputy police spokesperson for Dedza, said that Lester’s body was found on December 24, 2022. It was said that he was taken to the hospital in Dedza, where doctors said he was dead. While the cause of the child’s death was being looked into, the police have now said that the investigation is over and they have come up with a reason. Lester’s organs were damaged, the police said, after an open post-mortem was done on him. Poisoning caused this to happen,

Later, the police made it clear that Lester killed himself by taking poison and dying. The police also said that Lester took his own life because he had taken risks and failed in the past. Lester died when he was 25 years old. He took his own life. He had not been seen since he found out he was dropping out of the university he was attending, and it was clear he was sad. Lester was a third-year student at Malawi University. He was in the business and applied science groups. He did badly in all of his classes and fields while he was stressed, which the police made clear in their reports.

A report also said that Lester was stressed because he failed 12 modules and 4 subjects, which made him feel bad and cause him to stop going to school. During this time, Lester was not at home, and his family was worried. Officers also said that they were heartbroken when they found Lester dead, and they were even more upset when they found out that the boy had killed himself. While the officers sent their condolences and worries to the boy’s family and prayed for the boy’s soul, they did not know what happened.

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