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DJ Mighty Mouse’s death? A popular house producer died at age 48

Matthew Ward was well-known as DJ Mighty Mouse, which was his stage name. There have been reports that DJ Mighty Mouse has died. Yes, this news is true. DJ Mighty Mouse is no longer around. Fans of DJ Mighty Mouse want to know what happened to him and how he died since this news got out on the internet.

What could have caused DJ Mighty Mouse to die? If you are also a fan of DJ Mighty Mouse and are looking for a detailed article to find out why he died, then you should stay on this page and read the sections below.

What was the cause of DJ Mighty Mouse’s death?

Thursday, He died in his home in Spain. And the UK record label Defected Records confirmed and confirmed this shocking news. Since Defected Records wrote, “We are devastated to confirm that Matthew Ward, aka Mighty Mouse, died suddenly last Thursday at his home in Spain,” we are also sad. Let’s look at what happened to DJ Mighty Mouse that led to his death.

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“Rest in peace, Mighty,” Defected Records wrote. All of us at Defected and Glitterbox are heartbroken to tell you that Matthew died on Thursday. An amazing human being.” His wife, mother, and stepfather, Ellen, Judy, and Martin, will carry on after him. Fans, on the other hand, have been stunned and shocked by this news. Please stay on this page and read this article to find out more.

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Matthew Ward is said to have died at the house while he was sleeping. Aortic aneurysm is thought to have killed DJ Mouse. It was said that he had an Aortic aneurysm before he died, which made him leave suddenly. This story came out about him just a few days before he died. It is said that he announced his new single on October 18. DJ Mighty died suddenly after letting people know about his new single. Honor Byford said, “We are heartbroken to tell you that Matthew Ward, also known as Mighty Mouse the DJ, died suddenly in his sleep last Thursday at his home in Spain.

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