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DJ Sumbody was shot 21 times to death last night – Suspect, Report

Fans of DJ Sumbody will be shocked and saddened to hear what we have to say. Their favorite DJ died recently, and it was found that he was shot. Everyone who attends this news is immediately traumatized and shocked because it’s hard for them to believe that he really did die because someone shot him.

It’s not normal news that someone has died. In fact, it’s a murder case, and his fans want to know what really happened, who killed him, and why. They don’t know how to answer any of these questions, so they want to know more about them.

A few hours ago, news came out that musician Oupa John Sefoka had died, and since then, this news has been all over the newspapers. Reports say that DJ Sumbody died in Johannesburg on Sunday, November 20, 2022, after something bad happened. At first, his fans thought it was just a rumor, but Sumsounds Music later issued a statement saying that “Monate Mpolaye” and “Ayep Yep” were no longer alive and had died in a sad accident.

John Sefoka was shot and killed.

“As soon as this statement came out, condolences and tributes to him were posted all over social media. “I still can’t believe that DJ Sumbody has died,” a Twitter account with the username wrote. This one was so humble, you wouldn’t have thought he was worth a lot of money. Since the investigations are still going on and his family wants to be left alone during this hard time, no more details about his death can be shared.

DJ Sumbody was shot 21 times to death last night - Suspect, Report
DJ Sumbody was shot 21 times to death last night – Suspect, Report

Who Was Oupa John Sefoka?

“Sumsounds Music Management and The Sefoka family have asked for privacy during this hard time, and they will make a statement soon.” The family also put out a statement that said, “DJ Sumbody, a musician and artist, has died. Information about his untimely death can’t be given, but the artist is said to have died in the early hours of Sunday, November 20, 2022, because of a sad event.

We don’t know who killed him or why at this point. To know that, the readers must wait until the statements are made public. We don’t know much about the funeral yet, but as soon as the family makes a statement, we’ll add it here.

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