Death NewsDon Shane WXYZ dead, Longtime Channel 7 sportscaster and obituary

Don Shane WXYZ dead, Longtime Channel 7 sportscaster and obituary

7 Action News has learned that Don Shane, a sports reporter for Channel 7 for many years, has died at the age of 70. Don has worked for WXYZ for 23 years, and no one likes talking about or writing about our local teams more than he does.

He started working at Channel 7 in 1989, and over the years he has been a part of many very important events. There were many winners, but there were also a lot of heartbreaking losses, which gave our audience a sense of the drama and emotion of the time. During his two careers in Detroit, Don wrote about the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, the Rose Bowl, and the Las Vegas awards.

He loves what he does, and that joy comes right through the screen into your home. Don works more than anyone else. He has earned the respect of the athletes and coaches in the city by being prepared and professional when he tells the story.

He gives money to good causes and has helped dozens of interns in the athletic department over the years. Many of these interns went on to achieve their professional and personal goals in the field. Many things make us miss Don. For chatting with Bill Bonds in a friendly way at the host’s desk.

He can take on almost any challenge because of his big personality and his popular role as a daredevil. That included a scary meeting with Chris Spielman, a great former Lions player. Many of us are wondering why Don broke three of his ribs. But in reality, Don has done everything in his nearly 40-year career in television news.

On February 29, 2012, he gave up his job. A few weeks later, we had a party at the Broadcast House in honor of Don. After he retired, he moved to Arizona, and his last years were spent in California with his children. Last May, his family got their first grandchild. Don, we’ll miss you. During this hard time, our hearts go out to his whole family.

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