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Esha Gupta Looks Unbelievably Hot in Aashram 3, Slays in Bold Looks

Esha Gupta discusses her desire to live life on her own terms.

Esha Gupta is a social media sensation without a doubt. She has a large fan base, which generates a variety of responses from her fans. Some people adore her, while others despise her. She prefers to maintain a genuine social presence and understands how to find a balance between what parts of her life should be made public and what should be kept private. Esha, who is now preparing for the release of Aashram 3, spoke at length about how she prefers to live life on her own terms in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Life.

Is Esha Gupta aware of what she posts on social media?

We questioned Esha if she publishes on her Instagram site purposefully because she has over 8 million followers. I post it because I like it, said the actress and former Miss India. To be honest, I’ve been living life on my own terms since I started in the industry. Jo mann tha wo kar rahi thi jo mann tha wo kar rahi thi jo mann tha wo One thing our parents taught us was to “do what your heart tells you.” It is entirely up to you if you wish to marry and start a family at the age of 18. All we can do is provide you with a good education, a safe place to live, and food in the refrigerator.’ We had a wonderful and straightforward childhood. When you’re upfront about so many things, you become so accountable to yourself that you keep moving forward and doing good work. Studying overseas, competing in Miss India, and pursuing a career as an actor were all decisions I made on my own. And I’m grateful to my parents for allowing me to do it.

Esha Gupta wishes for her name to be remembered.

I share images on social media because I enjoy them. When I was fresh to the industry, it bothered me when the media wrote certain things about me. As though I said something, but the headline stated something other. But it no longer bothers me since staying in the news is also vital. People want to chat about me, at the very least; they want to know what I’m wearing, eating, and talking about. People like you for who you are as long as they are interested in learning more about you. All I want is for people to remember me. Bas yaad rakhen log, all I want is for people to remember me for my attractive pictures or shows.

How does Esha Gupta strike the right balance?

As much as you appreciate it, fame also brings with it a fair bit of criticism, which puts your personal life in the spotlight. So, how does Esha find a happy medium? Esha said to us, It’s very straightforward. I just tell people what they need to know or what I am comfortable with them knowing since nothing I say about myself will come back to haunt me. Meri zindagi me kya kya chal raha hai kisiko pata hi nahi kisiko pata hi nahi kisiko pata hi nahi kisiko pata hi nahi kisiko pata hi nahi People were saying, “Esha Gupta has made her romance public,” after I posted a picture with my partner a few days earlier. During Covid-19, this happened. People were startled to learn that Esha has a boyfriend, even though it had been a few years, because I had kept my relationship a secret at the time. So many people constantly asking me questions about various topics. I don’t even tell my family what I’m up to because I don’t want them to know what I’m up to.

Esha Gupta here.

Even on social media, I don’t share anything that is offensive or inappropriate. If I post a couple sensual photos, the following 4-5 blogs will be on travel, fitness, and other topics. ‘This is Esha Gupta,’ I just want everyone to know.

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