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Explaining the Murder of Maria Kamila, the Missing Colombian Girl!

Maria Kamila, a Colombian girl, was brutally murdered. The True Story of the Colombian Girl’s Disappearance! This is something I am aware of: My great aunt Adita has been missing for about ten years, after going missing from her home in Santa Marta.

It is a beach town in the Caribbean. She was discovered on the side of a dirt road in the Sierra Nevada foothills after being missing for several hours.

A young Colombian Maria Kamila was murdered

Adita Perez’s heinous murder remains unsolved. Her kidnappers were killed in mysterious circumstances and were never brought to justice. Some believe her kidnappers set fire to her before dumping her body by the side of the road.

This is a disturbing retelling of a story I told when I was younger. Some believe Adita was murdered in her own home and her body was then taken to the mountains, wrapped in a blanket, and dumped. Even more complex theories about her death have been proposed.

I hadn’t been back to Bogota, where I was born, in over a decade when I finally decided to visit Colombia. My curiosity about Adita’s past grew as a result of my suspicions about who was responsible for her death.

In 1964, Manuel Marulanda established the narco-terrorist organisation FARC, or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. FARC began as a political organisation based on Marxist principles. However, they began engaging in illegal activity in order to fund the civil war.

Maria Kamila Girl

During its peak of power, the FARC ruled over 40% of Colombia. The FARC used narcotrafficking, kidnapping, and levying taxes on the local population to fund its military operations.

According to Maria Kamila Girl, the FARC would make a total annual profit of USD 600 million. More than 11,000 FARC fighters came from smaller villages, with more than a third of them being women.

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