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Flipverse, a brand-new shopping metaverse, is introduced by Flipkart

The locally developed e-commerce platform Flipkart revealed on Monday that it has teamed up with the Polygon-incubated organization eDAO to introduce Flipverse, a metaverse environment where users can browse products in a photorealistic virtual location and make purchases through the Flipkart App.

The business claimed that Flipverse, built utilizing eDAO’s ground-breaking Web3 tech stack, will provide consumers with gamified, dynamic, and immersive shopping experiences in the digital sphere by granting them access to their favorite brands, Supercoins, and digital collectibles.

Flipverse’s introduction will continue to impact cutting-edge businesses like e-commerce. Delivering a gamified and engaging shopping experience while also improving the consumer experience. Particularly in light of the fact that some Indian brands have adopted the metaverse and web3 platforms,” said Naren Ravula, vice president and head of product strategy and deployment at Flipkart Labs.

We want to enhance customers’ virtual and immersive shopping experiences by giving them access to their chosen brands, deals, SuperCoins, and digital collectibles, said Ravula.

In a metaverse where communication is two-way, the launch’s goal is to “reverse” the shopping narrative and bring customers closer to their favorite companies.

Flipkart’s recently released platform, FireDrops, which can be accessible from the e-commerce site’s app, will have Flipverse available. It will enable various brands to develop original product launches, discovery, and inspirational user experiences.

According to the business, it would also enable brands to generate and build their metaverse-ready digital twin in the virtual world.

In other developments, the second Big Diwali Sale will begin on Flipkart tomorrow. This time, though, the bargains will only be available to Flipkart Plus subscribers. Prior iterations of Flipkart’s holiday sales were accessible to regular plus customers. However, Plus members have access to deals at least 24 hours before they are on general sale. For instance, the iPhone 13 for less than Rs 50,000 offer was made available to Plus members, but it sold out in minutes.

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