Viral NewsGirl pouring boiling water video went viral on twitter & reddit

Girl pouring boiling water video went viral on twitter & reddit

Monday, a judge gave a woman from a suburb 10 years in prison for pouring boiling water on her sleeping boyfriend while he was sleeping. Alexis Sykes, 23, of Roselle, poured boiling water on her boyfriend in the apartment they share on January 2. The video was posted on Snapchat.

After the attack, Sykes hid the victim’s car keys from him, while the victim’s friend told him about seeing the skin fall off the victim’s arms.

The friend finally got the keys and drove himself to a nearby hospital. After a short time, he was moved to the burn unit at Loyola University Medical Center, where he stayed for almost two weeks. After the incident, Sykes ran away. He was found on January 19 in Okitbbeha County, Mississippi.

On Feb. 2, her bond was set at $500,000. Since then, Sykes has been in jail in DuPage County. Sykes agreed to count the corrosive complex cells on Monday morning. Before she can get out of jail, she has to serve 85% of her sentence.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that a woman in Illinois poured a jug of boiling water over her sleeping boyfriend and then shared the disturbing results on social media. The DuPage County Attorney’s Office said on Jan. 2 that Alexis Sykes was charged with committing violent crimes at the home she shared with her boyfriend in Roselle, Illinois.

Sykes’ boyfriend burned himself with hot water while he was sleeping on the couch. Prosecutors say that instead of helping, Sykes took a video of the horrible act and put it on Snapchat.

“I feel bad right now because he has 2nd and 3rd degree burns from his face to his waist and they threw him in the middle of the fire, but oh well (emoji shrugging) BH (emoji kissing) and crying all the time.” “Let me drive him to the hospital,” she reportedly wrote in the video’s description. Prosecutors also say that the 22-year-old woman hid her boyfriend’s car keys when she saw his skin peel off her arm.

The friend was able to get the keys and drive to Loyola University Medical Center, where he was taken to the burn unit and given skin grafts. The prosecutor’s office did not say why what happened. Sykes was arrested in Mississippi on January 19 and sent to Illinois, where he is being charged with aggravated assault with a corrosive substance and aggravated domestic violence.

“The accusations against Ms. Sykes are very upsetting,” said Robert Berlin, the DuPage County Attorney. “It will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if, as is alleged in this case, boiling water is poured on a sleeping man, causing him serious and painful injuries.”

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