Death NewsGrandma Holla Aka Helen Davis Dead & Obituary

Grandma Holla Aka Helen Davis Dead & Obituary

Helen Davis, a TikToker who was better known on the platform as “Grandma Holla,” has died. Reports say that Grandma Holla died this week, and her fans and followers are sad about it. Grandma Holla was well-known on TikTok for the quick and cute videos she used to make. Fans loved her and her comedic timing in her short videos, and she was clear and honest in them.

While her granddaughter told people online that she had died. Stay tuned for more information about Grandma Holla and the reason why she died. Grandma Holla’s granddaughter, Chelle, confirmed online through different social media sites that Grandma had died. It was said that Grandma Holla died on Sunday, January 15, 2023. At the time of her death, she was 97 years old.

It was said that Grandma Holla died while she was at home and that she died peacefully while she was sleeping. Grandma Holla used to make funny, honest, and very precise videos that were also funny. Chelle shared the news of her death on different social media sites. In her statement, Chelle also said that she was grateful for all the love and support that Grandma Holla got from her fans and followers. She also said that Grandma Holla died peacefully while she was sleeping.

Chelle said that the fact that her grandmother won’t be in pain and won’t have to take morphine anymore is what keeps them together. Grandma Holla died, as far as Chelle knows, because she had cancer. Her granddaughter says that Grandma no longer has to take painkillers or deal with the pain she used to feel. Grandma Holla used to make funny videos in which she would make funny faces and answer questions in funny ways.

People liked and followed grandma because her videos were funny and pretty. She used to make funny faces and give funny answers to questions. When fans of grandma holla heard that their favorite granny creators had died, it broke their hearts. They posted condolences and prayers for the soul online.

People even said that the granny reminded them of their own grandmothers, who made them laugh and told them when they were doing something wrong. Some of the comments and posts that were made online after grandma died are listed below. One of the Twitter users wrote that he loved his grandmother Holla like she was his own. Someone else on Twitter said that TikTok will never be the same as it was when Grandma Holla was on it.

While she used to make everyone’s day with her funny videos, smiles, and personality. Another user said that Black women like grandma are so hard for the Ageism agenda because of her personality, love, and sense of humor. Many people wrote on Twitter that grandma Holla should rest in peace.

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