HeadlineGregory Damon's Video Going Viral On Social Media, Why Was Tampa Officer...

Gregory Damon’s Video Going Viral On Social Media, Why Was Tampa Officer Fired?

A Tampa, Florida, police officer was fired after a video from his body camera and CCTV footage from the police station were questioned. During the investigation, the police said that the officer had been fired after a video showed him dragging a woman to the police station while she was handcuffed. While the woman was being arrested on the same day, the officer and the woman were also heard talking. Later, the officer who dragged a woman named Damon was fired.

A Tampa, Florida, police officer was fired after a video allegedly showing him dragging a handcuffed woman while pulling her was shown in court. It was said that the officer dragged the woman after the woman teased the officer. The officer held the woman with one hand and dragged her to the office.

The officer who was fired is known as Gregory Damon, and the thing that led to him being fired happened on November 17, 2022. It was said that an internal investigation showed that the officer had dragged the woman into the station’s parking lot.

The woman who was dragged by Damon was arrested for trespassing in the city, and their conversation was caught on the officer’s body camera. When the officer got to the station, he asked the woman to get out of the car, but she refused. Later, she also asked the officer to drag her, which is why he pulled the woman out of the car. At the Orient Road jail, this happened.

While Damon pulled her out of the car and asked her to walk, she said no. Damon dragged the woman through the parking lot and into the office, where she asked the other officers to help.

According to reports from the Tampa Police Department, the agency’s new policies from 2013 say that officers can’t drag suspects to the ground.

, Even though it was clear that Damon was dragging the woman around on the ground while she was handcuffed. The agency said that the officer should have asked for help from coworkers or other officers to lead the woman into the office, but instead he dragged her in. When the police department saw the video and learned that Damon had been fired, they were completely shocked and disgusted.

Damon had been in his job and working for the Rampa Police Department since 2016. Many people in the department and in the area knew him, and they were all very sad to hear that he had been fired. Police officers are not allowed to treat prisoners, especially women, in this way or drag them all the way into the office. This was against the police’s rules, and another officer said Damon was being rude and could be heard making rude comments about the person being arrested.

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