Viral NewsHareem Shah Tooth Paste Video Went Viral on Social Media

Hareem Shah Tooth Paste Video Went Viral on Social Media

Hareem Shah Tooth Paste Video Goes Viral: Hello, guys! Hareem Shah has been uploading new dance videos, so we have some hot news about her. Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak are both popular on the app TikTok. They are also good friends, and they don’t mind showing how much they like each other in public.

The latest video from the duo has made the internet go crazy, and the dance video seems to have hit a nerve with most people. The best friends show how much they love each other by dancing to the fast-paced dance number “Le Le Maza Le” from the popular Bollywood movie “Wanted.”

The star has become very popular, and her dance videos with different people have been seen by a lot of people. She always finds a way to stay in the series, and her controversies and openness have earned her a huge fan base. In the fall of this year, she got married. Because of her actions and controversies, it makes sense that she is in the news.

Everyone was shocked when the controversial Tiktok star Harim Shah suddenly said he was getting married later this year. Harim has told her to get married to a lawmaker from the Pakistan People’s Party in Sindh province. But he didn’t want to be named by the press.

Since then, the assembly of the MLAs of the Sindh Assembly has come. At the entrance to the assembly, people are checking the palms and watches of MLAs. Harm shah known by her stage name Drama Queen, political Hoe, is a Pakistani social media personality, active on TikTok.

On June 28, 2021, she said that she was married to the leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, but she didn’t say anything else about him. She was named Fiza Hussain when she was born and went to a religious school. Her father was Zarar Hussain Shah. She is going to the University of Peshawar to get her Master of Philosophy in Competitive Religion.

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In October 2019, Hareem Shah’s video shot inside the Foreign Office causes a stir, and Imran Khan, the prime minister, orders an investigation into how Shah was let in. After a video of her conversation with federal minister Sheikh Rasheed was leaked, she was criticized for what she said about him.

At the opening of a mall in Dubai in December 2019, she was bothered by people. In January 2021, Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Qavi over a ‘dirty’, and ‘vulgar’ conversation and claimed that Mufti Qavi physically harassed her and her cousin. In March 2021, Hareem Shah files a police report against a friend who he says tried to kill him and beat him up.

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