Death NewsHow Did Long-time Memphis Journalist Tom Dees Die? - Obituary

How Did Long-time Memphis Journalist Tom Dees Die? – Obituary

We’re sorry to tell you that Tom Dees, the member of the Fox13 news team who had been there the longest and was well-known, died on Thursday morning at his own home. The whole community is in a lot of pain about this, so make sure you read this article to the end to learn more about him and find out what caused his death. People are coming up and paying tribute to him on social media.

He started working as a broadcast journalist in 1995, and just before he died, he turned 58. His death was announced on social media, and everyone is saddened by the news. He was known as a great personality with a lot of experience in his field, and everyone will miss him a lot.

Many famous people and his colleagues are coming up to pay tribute to him and talk about how sad they are about his death. He had a great sense of humor and influenced a lot of people. He is survived by his wife and three children.

His family is heartbroken to learn that they’ve lost a loved one. He left everyone, including his family, friends, and loved ones, without warning, and they are all in pain. As of right now, we only know that he was in the hospital last week because he wasn’t feeling well and was fighting for his life. We haven’t been given any more information about his funeral arrangements and services, but we are doing our best to get in touch with his family to find out.

We don’t know how to say what’s in our hearts, but know that our whole team is here with you. May your heart find comfort in remembering the light, beauty, and laughter. We’re sorry for your loss. We can’t imagine the pain and grief you’re feeling right now. As time goes on, we’ll get over this loss, but we’ll never forget how much we love you. We know that this is also a hard time for his family, who have to deal with the shock of hearing the news and the pain of losing him.

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