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How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Kill? Brazilian Instagram Influencer Shot Dead At Her Home

How Did Nubia Cristina Braga Kill? Brazilian Instagram Influencer Shot Dead At Her Home. A shocking incident happened with an Instagram influencer named Nubia Cristina Braga, who was found dead in her house, which is located in Brazil. Nubia Cristina Braga was just 23 years old when she made an online creator with more than 60k followers and visited the salon before her death.

Two men came into their vehicle and fired on her multiple times, and she died on the spot. Later the neighbors came outside and called Police. This case had been viral, and her followers of her demanded the culprits be hanged.

Who Was Nubia Cristina Braga?

Nubia Cristina Braga was a 23-year-old Instagram content creator. If we talk about her social media followers, she has sixty thousand followers and many followers on her other social media account.

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Her mother was also in the hospital because of some health issues, and now her daughter is not anymore below we have mentioned the cause of death and what happened to her. She loved Brazil in Aracaju Sergipe. People love her as she brings some new content and people love her high-quality video riched with genuine content.

How Was Nubia Cristina Braga Killed? Are The Culprits Arrested?

She came from the salon after taking a spa, and when she taught her home two other men come in their vehicle, and they had some weapons with them, and they shot her multiple times. Two bullets go into her body, and she died on the spot. This shocked them, and now her body is sent for post-mortem.

Nubia Cristina Braga

The culprits are not arrested for now, and Police are investigating this case. The man fled after killing her, later the other people called the police officers, and when the Authorities reached there, they found her dead in a pool of blood.

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The killer’s identity is still unknown, and her neighbors of her are trying to know the reason for this crime and why they killed her. As per assumption, this is a jealousy factor that someone hired the goons to kill her. Police also asked for information, if anyone knows about this, to get to the depth of this case.

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