How Did Wrestler JAY BRISCOE Aka JAMIN PUGH Die? Death Reason & Obituary

Jay Briscoe has died. He had the Ring of Honor and was a famous wrestler. This week, the news spread that the star had died. It was said that he was only 38 years old when he died. Jay was one of the best wrestlers in the world, and his professional tag team was the best. Jay’s death was announced online by AEW founder Tony Khan, who also said that they would do anything to help the family of the person who died.

Jay was one of the best wrestlers in the world. He also had a very large fan base. Stay tuned because we will talk more about the death and also about Jay. His real name is Jamin Pugh, but most of his fans knew him by his stage name, Jay Briscoe. He was a star in the ROH for more than 20 years, and he became famous at a young age. Tony Khan mentioned that Jay was still in the ROH when he was writing about Jay.

He said that Jay and his brother Mark were the best in ROH and still are to this day. He also said that they would help the dead man’s family. Khan didn’t say what happened to Jay when he died at first, but later there were many rumors and reports that said what happened. Dave Meltzer, who is the pro wrestling champion, said that Jay was in a car accident with another person, and both of them died in the Laurel, Delaware accident.

Jay has been in the ring for a long time and has won both the world championship and the ring of honors. When news of Jay’s death was posted online, many people sent their deepest condolences and posted tributes to the wrestler. Celebrities, wrestling fans, Internet users, and wrestling groups all posted their thoughts online.

Cody Rhodes wrote in a Tweet that he didn’t talk to Jay very often, but when they did meet, Jay was someone who understood him right away and knew that his family was everything to him. Cody added that he is sending this to Jay’s family with all the love in the world. Cash Wheeler wrote online that he’s been crying ever since he heard that Jay had died.

Cash said that he doesn’t know how to describe how sad he is, and he added, “Rest in peace, Jay.” Cash and his team have been with Jay’s team, and they were at the most recent December games. When talking about the accident, it is said that it happened on January 17, 2023, around 5:30 pm. Mark Briscoe wasn’t with him, and two kids had to be taken to the hospital right away.

A report says that Jay’s daughter was with him at the time of the accident. Police also said that the woman in the other car died at the scene, but they haven’t said who she was yet. Funerals and other details haven’t been talked about yet because the family is still in shock, and the police haven’t said who was in the crash.

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