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How to Add a Google Password Manager Shortcut on the Home Screen of an Android Device

Google Password Manager

Google launched the shortcut option for the Google Password Manager on Android a few weeks ago. Google Password Manager is a fantastic application that allows you to remember passwords for all of the websites where you log in so that you can sign in or login again with a single click.

You can instantly verify the passwords of all your bookmarked websites and portals by setting a shortcut for the program. You won’t have to go through the effort of accessing your settings because there will be a shortcut on your Android’s home screen.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to effortlessly add a Google Password Manager shortcut to your Android’s home screen. Also Read:How to Download Facebook Videos Without Using a Third-Party App

How to create a shortcut to Password Manager on your home screen

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Step 2: Scroll down to Password & Security and touch on it.

Step 3: Select Password Management.

Step 4: Select Google.

Step 5: After tapping on Google, you should see the Password Manager options. On the right side, tap the Settings button.Also Read:The Apple Mixed Reality headset might be released in January 2023 at a hefty $2000 price tag

Step 6: Scroll down and press the Add shortcut to your home screen button.

Step 7: You should now see a pop-up requesting confirmation. Tap on Add to confirm.

Step 8: Return to your Android’s home screen, and you should notice a shortcut to Google Password Manager. Tap it to go through all of your passwords.

That’s all. That’s how you add the Google Password Manager on the home screen of your Android phone. You may also use the Password Manager shortcut on your Android phone’s home screen to check if any of your passwords have been hacked or if all of your passwords are safe.

Google has been introducing new Password Manager capabilities to both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, some features, such as this one that allows you to conveniently retrieve your passwords from the home screen, are not available on iOS. However, Google may collaborate with iOS shortly to provide full-fledged capabilities on iOS devices.

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