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How to add a Snapchat Story with Music or Custom effect? – Hostspotnews

Snapchat lets you share stories that include music or unique sounds. Here’s how to add music to Snap stories quickly and effortlessly.

Snapchat is most likely the only app that individuals use on a regular basis to keep up with their friends’ streaks. It is also an excellent social networking tool that allows you to share tales, share places, find local eateries, and much more.For the latest up-to-date information, visit hostspotnews.com!!!!!!

Sharing tales, for example, may be incredibly creative on Snap. You may add music to your stories to make them more interesting and memorable. We’ll teach you how to effortlessly add music to Snapchat stories today.

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How to add Music to your Snapchat Stories

Step 1: Open Snapchat on your smartphone.

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Step 2: On the right side, you should now see the music icon. Tap it to activate it.

Step 3: Here you can find all of the music that is available for use in your tale. Tap on the Music you wish to include.

Step 4: Using the Music scrubber, choose the desired portion.

Step 5: Now all you have to do is record a video or upload an image, and your narrative will have that music.

That’s how simple it is to add music to Snap stories and make them more entertaining and memorable.

In addition, you may add unique music or sound to your Snapchat stories. Let’s have a look at how to accomplish this.

How to Include Custom Sound in Snap Stories

Step 1: Launch Snapchat on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the Music icon, exactly as you did when uploading music before.

Step 3: You should now see many tabs, including Featured, My Favorites, Recents, and My Sounds. Select My Sound.

Step 4: Select Create Sound.

Step 5: You may now play music from your Camera Roll or record a new sound. Select one of the alternatives.

Step 6: Choose a video from which you wish to extract the sound and share it on Snapchat. Alternatively, if you wish to record sound, use the Record button (it looks like a microphone).

Step 7: When you’re finished, click Save Sound and Post Story.

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