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J-Hope of BTS’s expected solo return album ‘Jack In The Box’: Here’s what we know thus far

J-Hope just revealed that he would be making a solo comeback with his first complete album ‘Jack In The Box’ on July 15, and the promotion for it has been incredible! The early teases revealed his more cheerful and colourful side, which he known for.

His most recent teaser photographs for the pre-release tune ‘More’ had a more gloomy. And dark tone to them, with smeared makeup, silhouettes, a dark vibe, and shaky old photos. But why would BTS’s’sunshine choose a gloomy concept?
This addressed in a recent Reverse interview in which he discussed a variety of topics ranging from BTS to his trips to Instagram. And, finally, the necessity to shed his sunny attitude.

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“I wanted to reflect on things, like how I’ve lived and the emotional shadow my hidden side throws, and you’ll understand when these songs come out later,” he explained, “but if I was going to talk these things, I couldn’t always be light about it.” That’s why I moved a bit closer to a darker area which I believe helped me to open up about my life narrative.”
Many ARMYs may be surprised by this response, but it one of the finest selections since music is a terrific instrument for expressing a person’s actual feelings, thoughts, ideas, expressions, and so forth. One cannot always be smiling and cheerful; there are portions of a person that suffer as well, and this is clear to everyone who has witnessed failures and hatred alongside love through the years.More information be found at hostspotnews.com!!!!!
J-Hope isn’t too public about his difficulties, preferring to retain his cheery demeanour to improve the mood of ARMYs and people around him, so it’ll be fantastic to see him take on a darker theme or style for this return, and we hope to understand him more with this album.

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