Jaylin Smith & Sunisa Lee’s Pics & Video Went Viral On Social Media

We’re here to talk about a video causing trouble, and many people are rushing to social media to watch it. The video is being posted on YouTube by a channel called hammy TV. If you don’t know, it shows a mysterious boyfriend who tricks his girlfriend into thinking that her dog has flown away.

This video is now being watched by many people, and there have been a few comments on it. The footage is from the United States, and according to the video, the boyfriend was inspired to make a funny video to make people laugh. He did this by briefly introducing the family’s newest member, an Australian Shepherd named Molly.

So, this dog was used for this prank, so this prank star, whose name is Ryan, has come to explain why the dog was borrowed just for a photography project. Balloons, since we can see that he’s been bringing many of them. Even his mother came up and asked him what he was doing.

In that video, we can see that he was getting ready for a photo shoot with the dog but was distracting her with Helium-filled balloons. Finally, he could attach them to her caller, and then he told his girlfriend and mother that he was planning to surprise them. He was able to get the dog to pose with the balloons.

While this prank star was doing all of this, his girlfriend was able to find out where Molly was safe. She then told Ryan’s girlfriend that he was pretending to have lost his pet because Molly has become a part of their family and losing her is like losing a family member. After that, they found out about the video and gave him a lot of love.

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