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Jlloyd Samuel Dies, Ex Aston Villa and Bolton footballer – cause of death and obituary

Jlloyd Tafari Samuel is a pro football player who was born in Trinidad and Tobago but grew up in London. He played both defense and midfield for Aston Villa in the Premier League. Samuel played for Villa for 198 games before moving to Bolton in 2007, where he made 71 games.

championship. Samuel played for Esteghlal and Paykan in the Iranian Professional League for the last four years of his career. He won both the Hazfi Cup and the league title for Esteghlal. From 2011 to 2014, he played for the Iranian club Esteghlal. The next year, he played for Paykan. In 2017, he started playing for and managing the amateur Cheshire team Egerton.

Samuel died in an accident in 2018, leaving behind his wife Emma Samuel and their three children. But after he died, there were rumors that he had secretly married a second wife.

Samuel was driving home on May 15, 2018, after dropping his kids off at school. His Range Rover hit a van and caught fire. Samuel died right away, and the driver of the van was seriously hurt. An investigation showed that Samuel was twice as drunk as he should have been and that his car went the wrong way, causing a head-on crash.

Emma, Samuel’s wife, was shocked by his sudden death, but she wasn’t ready for what she found out afterward or for the threats she got from Samuel’s family.

After Samuel died, Iranian fashion designer and singer Helia Sahimi posted a video of herself with Samuel and called him her husband on her Instagram account. She says that Samuel married her while they were both playing in Iran and that they both became Muslims.

On May 17, 2018, Sahimi wrote in an Instagram post, “Tell me, how do I live without you? Thanks to everyone who cares about me but doesn’t understand what’s going on in my life. If you don’t get it, please don’t make me feel worse. In the years since Samuel died, Sahimi has kept posting videos in which she talks about her current boyfriend and her husband and how much she misses Samuel. Her last post about Samuel was on December 5, 2018.

Emma has also been threatened by people who think her husband’s death was faked. Samuel’s sister, Leslie-Ann, says that Emma faked her husband’s death, even though the teeth of the body matched Samuel’s dental records.

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