Kelly is sentenced to 30 years in prison 

R&B musician R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in jail on Wednesday.

In New York, he sentenced by federal Judge Ann Donnelly, who talked at length before delivering the punishment. At one point, she recounted a victim impact statement from a lady named Stephanie in court, who told Kelly, “No price was too high for someone else to pay for your enjoyment.”For the latest recent information, visit hostspotnews.com!!!!!

“This is not a sex case,” the judge stated. “It’s all about violence, brutality, and power.” Donnelly accepted the defense’s concerns, including Kelly’s traumatic past, which included sexual assault at the hands of his sister and a landlord. “You are a person who has incredible privileges — international fame and popularity, untold money,” she continued.

Kelly declined to speak before the court. His attorney noted outstanding proceedings, including a second federal trial in Illinois, which set to begin on Aug. 15, and separate criminal accusations in Minnesota. Child pornography and obstructing justice are among the allegations.

Kelly’s conviction

Kelly convicted guilty of sexual exploitation of a child, racketeering, bribery, and sex trafficking last year. Kelly judged to be at the helm of a criminal conspiracy to recruit and persuade girls, boys, and women into sex by the jury.

Several victims developed a pattern during the trial, where they would see Kelly at a performance or out in public, and an acquaintance of Kelly would provide them a phone number to contact. They would then become entangled in a system of sexual and psychological abuse. Kelly made his victims do sexual actions for his pleasure (which he often filmed). He imposed stringent restrictions on where his victims could go and who they could talk with. And he pushed them to write letters or videotape themselves while saying they were acting freely.

Accusers spoke about how he hurt them

Before the court handed down Kelly’s punishment, seven women submitted statements to and about him, as well as about the harm they endured. Kelly never looked at his accusers.

“We will be allowed to live again,” Angela, a lady recognized in court, said.

“I am a representative of every woman, boy, kid, and man that you have ever affected with your awful, unexplainable deeds,” she stated, “and with that, Robert Sylvester Kelly, I leave you with yourself.”

Another lady, identified in court as Jane Doe 2, recounted experiencing despair and stress as a result of Kelly’s assault. When Kelly whispered to his attorney, she halted in her remarks to demand his attention. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I don’t want to disturb his chat.”

“So many people adore you and they despise us,” a guy identified as Charles, the father of another lady, remarked resignedly. Kelly had not shown regret, he observed. Charles begged Kelly to confess and seek forgiveness from God.

Kelly’s defense lawyer promises an appeal

Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, said outside the courthouse, “Obviously, he’s distraught.” “Thirty years in jail is equivalent to a life sentence for him, but we were aware that the government was requesting 25 years. We were ready for anything the judge may impose, and we are now ready to fight this appeal.”

Victims were heard

Following the sentencing hearing, U.S. Attorney Breon Peace stated that the case meant that “the voices of largely Black and brown women and children… were heard and believed, and justice was finally won for [them].”

The sentence follows decades of charges leveled against the multi-platinum musician. In 2008, he charged with child pornography in his hometown of Chicago. He found not guilty on all counts.

Kelly went on to spend his life like a rockstar, touring all over the world and selling out arenas.

Surviving R. Kelly, a TV docuseries, revived attention to Kelly’s seual abuse claims in 2019 and provided a persistent push to campaigners calling for Kelly’s removal from the radios and stages.

After the punishment, Jovante Cunningham, an accuser who appears in Surviving R. Kelly, stated, “There was never a time in my life when I truly felt that the legal system would come through for Black and brown ladies. He performed this for thirty years and received thirty years in return.”

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