Viral NewsKemberly Achas CCTV Video Viral Pinatay circulated on Twitter & Reddit

Kemberly Achas CCTV Video Viral Pinatay circulated on Twitter & Reddit

It was shocking to find out that a grandmother had been killed by her own son. Isn’t that crazy? When people heard this news, they were stunned and shocked. Reports say that an old woman was found in an isolated part of Bulacan. Since this news broke and was covered by news stations, it has become popular everywhere and people are talking about it. The source says that the woman’s body parts were found stuffed in a storage room. Stay on this page and keep reading this article, you are told. We talked about this shocking story in depth in the sections that follow.

The woman who was found dead was 67 years old, according to the police. In Barangay Matictic, Norzagaray, Bulacan, her body parts were found in a remote area. What was the woman’s cause of death? The 67-year-old woman died from a blow to the head, according to the preliminary investigation. Who is most likely to have killed the 67-year-old woman? Move on to the next section to learn more about this news.

The police said that the woman was killed in her home in Barangay Villalamok, Pasgis City, on March 4, 2023. Talking about how the woman’s own son is the most likely person to have killed her. Yes, the police think that her 28-year-old son used a piece of wood to kill her. It is said that the thing happened at their house. When a CCTV camera caught her son dragging a storage box out of their house on March 6, 2023, the police began to suspect him. Read more by scrolling down the page.

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On Saturday, March 11, 2023, a neighbor said that a sitio in Barangay Matictic smelled very bad. Later, the police came and checked the storage box that was taped to the outside. When the police opened the storage box, they found the remains of a woman who was 67 years old. Later, the woman’s body was sent to a hospital for an autopsy. After the autopsy, it was determined that the woman died from a blow to the head. The suspect’s 6-year-old son also saw his grandmother being killed, according to the police. So far, no one has found out why grandmother was killed. Keep an eye on this site for more information and changes.

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