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Original:Kimmika Twitch viral video got out on Twitter and Reddit!!

Kimmika ‘s video went viral on Twitter and Reddit, and the entire clip went viral on YouTube. There has recently been a heated debate in the Twitch community about two streamers. The streamer community experienced a traumatic event when a popular streamer named Kimmika was kicked off the channel for posting intimate moments online.

Kimmika was banned from the site the next day after the live stream was posted on this channel. Everyone was pleased with how things turned out. After a few days, the streamer is back to work and streaming on Twitch with no restrictions. Many people are angry and upset as a result of this. For more information related to this visit Hostspotnews.com

Who Is Kimmika video Clip

Everyone was relieved when the Kimmika scandal broke, but she wasn’t kicked out despite getting close to online. The community was outraged, and now the entire Internet is outraged. JiDion also stated in an online tweet that Kimmika s ban from Twitch is only for seven days, despite the fact that they had an online relationship, and that he will be banned for life. Also Read:YUNG GRAVY Video Leaked again & Viral On Twitter & Reddit ,Full Complete Original Link!


He also claimed that Twitch treats him unfairly because of his race. Twitch employees and the site itself are both s*xist. Many Netizens and Twitter users have also stated in their posts that Twitch is racist. One Twitter user stated that Twitch is a racist platform, while others stated that support teams on the platform are racist.

Kimmika Viral & Leaked Video

Kimmika was in a relationship and live streamed on Twitch. Many people were offended by what he did on the internet, so he was removed from the site. Because of how she acted, people thought it would be best to get rid of her. Also Read:Who Is Libby Hopwood? Video & Photos Go Viral On Twitter, YouTube, & Reddit!

She later tweeted that she was returning to the platform and would be streaming on the Internet. Her tweet received a lot of attention, and it offended some members of the community.

People in the community were outraged that Kimmika had not been banned despite performing online s*xual acts during a live stream. JiDion, on the other hand, was banned for no apparent reason.

Watch Full Video of Kimmika Twitch

The platform dispute has gotten worse since JiDion was suspended for no reason. During a live stream, JiDion discussed Pokimane and why it should be banned. JiDion hasn’t posted anything on the forum since January. He was then removed from the site. Meanwhile, JiDion launched a smear campaign against Pokimane.

streaming community kicked him out, claiming that the tea he drank at work violated the harassment policy. JiDion was then permanently barred from the streaming service. A few months later, it was stated that he would return to the platform, but nothing changed from what had previously been observed.

Fans were surprised to read that their favourite artist was not available on music streaming services. JiDion announced in July that he had started the plateform.

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