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Lara Nesteruk’s video went viral on social media

There are a lot of talented people on social media who make a living with their skills. Still, nutritionists, doctors, and engineers make a living by sharing information about their jobs on the internet. Not only did they tell people about their jobs, but they also pointed people in the right direction and told them to do the right thing.

Lara Nesteruk is a nutritionist who gets a lot of attention on the internet. She gets paid for her videos, in which she talks about her career and the right amounts of food that people should eat.

She also says it’s not her job to find out who gets pregnant and who doesn’t; that’s the organizer’s job. This statement made a lot of people angry on the Internet, so she’s putting out a video in which Lara talks about being pregnant and working simultaneously. While this video will be out on Wednesday of this week.

Lara, an influencer, said that she would release the video at 1 p.m. and get an agreement from the Ministry of Labor and Public Affairs, which she would explain. Officials did this because they wanted more people to know about the rights of women and how pregnant women could be more focused on their work.

Lara has 8,63,000 followers on Instagram, which shows that she has a lot of power. When she talked about the earlier controversy, Lara was asked about it while running a business. She said the contractor should know who was getting pregnant, not her.

People were hurt by what she said, which was reported. Lara’s comments go against section 373 of the Consolidated Labor Code, which states that an employer can’t fire someone because of their age or family status, among other things. Because she broke the rules, she needs to explain the rules in her video.

According to the news, Lara must explain the rules and the agreement to the National Social Security, which she did not post. If this happens, she might have to pay the money herself. Also, the video of her retreating will be published simultaneously at the end of this video. She will have to pay a fine of 50,000 reais if she doesn’t.

When we talk about the law now, it goes without saying that pregnant women need time and be left alone when they are at their most soft and weak. So, the law says that a pregnant woman has to get the time she needs and that her employer has to give her 120 days of maternity leave.

It is said that their pay and wages won’t change because of the rest. It also says that businesses that hire women must pay them directly and give them time off, even though the National Social Security Institute might pay back some of these wages.

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