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Leaked videos and photos of Leonid Radvinsky on Reddit and Twitter

Leaked videos and photos of Leonid Radvinsky on Reddit and Twitter. OnlyF allegedly destroyed competitors in the online p@@n sector by bribing Meta employees to place thousands of p8*n stars on terrorist watch lists, according to several explosive lawsuits. According to the charges, aperformers who sold X-rated photographs and films on competing sites had their Instagram accounts mistakenly tagged as scary content, limiting their ability to market their businesses and wiping out their earnings.Hostspotnews.com

Sellers of offensive photographs were then “banned” on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, according to the lawsuit. According to the indictment, the targeted accounts included companies, celebrities, influencers, and others “unrelated to terrorism.”

“I was outraged when I found out that my content might be on the horror watch list,” Alana Evans, a performer and one of the plaintiffs in the California lawsuit with Kelly Pierce and others, told The Washington Post. “I’m angry because my social media traffic has dropped, which has impacted my income, and I’m angry because I’m the daughter of a veteran who fought for our country.” Leonid Radvinsky

Evans and others are allegedly listed on a database of terrorist accounts maintained by the Global Forum on Internet Counter-Terrorism (GIFCT), a non-profit organisation tasked with removing footage and videos from social media platforms following mass shootings. The presence of additional terrifying content. According to the lawsuit, traffic to competing websites decreased after performers allegedly using them registered with GIFCT. Meanwhile, as the website gained popularity, OnlyF’s traffic and income increased.
Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman represented plaintiffs in cases against Meta and OnlyF. Attorneys claim to have obtained a list of over 21,000 Instagram accounts that were incorrectly identified as possible terrorists, according to previously unreported filings from the California Supreme Court.

In a statement to The Washington Post, Milberg partner David Azar urged Meta and GIFCT to “open up” their archives “to determine whether our clients or their material exist in a terrorist database and how to obtain this data.” ” Exit once more.”
OnlyF told The Washington Post, “We are aware that these cases have been filed.” We are not aware of any evidence to back up these claims. The accused parties have publicly admitted that these charges are without merit.” Although Meta did not respond to a request for comment, the company informed the BBC, which first reported the bribery allegations, that it had investigated and found no evidence that the terror database had been exploited.

“These assertions are without merit, and we will address them as part of the litigation,” Meta stated. GIFCT did not respond to The Washington Post, but it did tell the BBC that it was “unaware of any evidence to substantiate the theory advanced in the litigation between two unrelated entities.”

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