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LG Tone Free T90, T60, Free Fit TF7 & TF8 TWS earbuds with ANC unveiled

The LG Tone Free T90 offers strong speakers with Graphene modulation for a deeper bass output. It produces audio that is powerful, balanced, and crisp. Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) technology is used in the T90 to provide a lifelike sound staging. This creates a surround sound experience comparable to that of a stereo system. When the volume is changed, the HSP technology also maintains tonal balance. The T90 has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking, which allow the sound to be re-calibrated based on the user’s head movement. The T90 may be used in gaming applications and has a Dolby audio virtualizer.

Features of LG Tone Free earbuds

True Wireless earbuds with higher audio quality and lower prices are entering the market. LG has released its Tone Free portfolio of TWS earphones in response to the increased demand for such devices. The Tone Free T90, Tone Free T60, Free Fit TF7, and Free Fit TF8 models are part of the 2022 portfolio. LG claims that the new devices provide an excellent audio experience while maintaining comfort and other innovative features.

The Tone Free T90 earphones have a total playtime of up to 27 hours. It offers wireless charging and has Snapdragon Sound Technology. The combination of Double Step ANC and a Real-Time ANC Optimizer ensures that music is always crisp and clear. The LG Tone Free T60 is extremely light, weighing only 5.6g. It also has Meridian HSP technology and enhanced ANC functioning.

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The T60 can detect and reduce background noise, resulting in clear audio output. It has strong drivers for a more powerful bass output. LG pioneered UV sanitization with the UV nano charging case for the T60. The T60 can provide up to 29 hours of activity when used in conjunction with its charging case.

The LG Tone Free Fit TF7 and TF8 are intended for people who lead an active lifestyle. They provide a secure and comfortable fit even during strenuous physical activity such as gym workouts. The earbuds include enhanced airflow and SwivelGrip technology. This keeps the earphones in place during vigorous athletic activity.

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The Meridian HSP technology and enhanced ANC are also included in the TF7 and TF8 for crisp spatial sound outputs. Their UV nano charging case and hypoallergenic ear gels keep your ears clean at all times. Both earbuds are IP67-rated and have a battery life of up to 30 hours. It is also feasible to connect the TF8 to a treadmill for a more enjoyable workout.

The new LG Tone Free TWS earbuds are already available in Korea, but they will be accessible globally by the end of the month. The T90 costs $229.99, whilst the T60 costs $200. The LG Tone Free Fit TF7 costs $183.99, while the TF8 costs $200.

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