Liver King Apology Video Went Viral – Admits Not Eating Raw Organs

Brian Johnson, who is better known as Liver King, is back in the news because he is said to have put out a video in which he apologizes and asks people to forgive him. Earlier, an email of his asking his dealer for steroids went viral all over the internet, and many YouTubers had predicted,

He doesn’t get his body from eating raw animal organs but rather from steroids. Now that the email was out, people were mad at Liver King for the lies he told online, and Liver King/Brian has admitted his mistakes. Stay tuned because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this scandal involving Brian’s followers. Liver King had said before that eating raw animal organs like the liver was terrible.

He got the body he has now because of his intestines. People used to think that eating raw, uncooked food or organs was unsanitary and that you couldn’t get stronger by eating raw food, but Liver King has said in many interviews that he eats these organs because it’s what his ancestors did. He also told his followers to do the same thing to get the body he has now.

Millions of people who follow the influencers also did the same thing. Last week, an email from Liver King went viral on all social media sites. In it, he asked his supplier for more steroids because the ones he already had weren’t enough. Many YouTubers saw this email and said he was trying to steer people in the wrong direction and ask them to do things that aren’t clean.

Not only did he tell his followers to eat raw animal organs, but he also sold products and powders made from dried animal organs, especially the liver, because he said that the liver helped him get fake abs. Instead, he took steroids to get the body he has now. A video of him apologizing to his fans that Liver King posted himself went viral.

Liver King said in the video that he used steroids and worked out for hours at the gym to get the body he has now. In the video, he also said that what he said was false and that he was using steroids, but the rumor that he got Abs implants was wrong because his abs were natural. Liver king now has a million-dollar business, and his online companies bring in about $100 million a year.

And through social media like YouTube and other sites. He used to tell his followers that they should eat raw liver, bone marrow, and even Bull testicles. A YouTuber named Joe Rogan made fun of Liver for misleading the kids by telling them to eat raw food. Not only did Liver put his name in it, but he also put his wife’s name in it. He said his wife led a natural life by eating regularly.

Being calm and getting enough sleep. In his video, Liver King said he used to take 120 mg of testosterone a week and work out for 10–12 hours a week to get the body he has now. Liver King also said that he doesn’t like his body, just like 80% of the rest of the world, and that’s why he got the body he wants. He said he was sorry and would pay back the money and live a good life from now on.

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