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Lori Harvey goes viral after rumours of a ‘alleged s*x tape’ surface

Lori Harvey is a well-known businesswoman, mannequin, and entrepreneur. She could be a quick social media user. Lori is comedian Steve Harvey’s adopted daughter.

Lori Harvey is well-known in the public not only because of her modelling career, but also because of her previous relationships with well-known celebrities such as Michael B.Jordan, a longtime actor, and Future, a rapper.

Lori harvey leaked s*x tape defined:

Lori Harvey is currently trending on social media, but not for her work or business. In fact, the reason for her celebrity being at the forefront of her fans’ minds is an alleged leaked video of a s*x tape.

The video allegedly features her, who is now one of the most talked-about people on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Who Posted Lori harvey leaked video?

The person behind this new potential rumour is said to be a blogger. The blogger claimed to have seen Lori Harvey‘s private s*x tape and teased the public release of the video.

He even claimed to have private intimate video clips of Rihanna and another well-known female celebrity.

In the interim, there are numerous possibilities. Because it’s very much possible that the blogger spread this rumour in order to make money by luring people into purchasing the alleged s*x tape from him.

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Nonetheless, fans are unable to rule out the possibility of a specific s*x tape featuring their favourite Lori Harvey.

The blogger who created this sample is said to have vanished since then.

Lori Harvey earlier relationships:

She has previously been in relationships, and her love life is no secret.

Her couple with Hollywood star Michael B. Jordan became a fan favourite, and many other couples adopted them as their performance fashions.

Nonetheless, the relationship did not last long, and they also disbanded in 2021, much to everyone’s surprise. Full business and followers who thought they’d found the right couple were taken aback.

“Michael matured fairly a bit over the course of their relationship and was able to commit for the long run,” Lori Harvey said of her split from Michael B.

Public response on the potential s*x tape of Lori Harvey:

As expected, viewers have had a wide range of mixed reactions to the current situation.

While many followers were seen drooling over the alleged leaked video, others played the blame game, claiming Micheal may have leaked the video in retaliation.

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