Viral NewsLuisa Espinoza students imprisoned Polit, her photos and videos viral on social...

Luisa Espinoza students imprisoned Polit, her photos and videos viral on social media

Luisa Espinoza’s “fame” for starring in sex videos with youtuber Felipe “Loco” Crespo ends up taking its toll on her, destroying their relationship. Thanks to the initial “acceleration” of her account, she was able to upload subscribers and her earnings to her OnlyF account.

Uploading content to an ad*lt platform with another heartthrob caused the estrangement of her “with rights” cousin. It worked to make money, starting from one where I had 1000+ subscribers, when I collected $30 and increased the value to 50. OnlyF gets 20%, and if you multiply that, it’s pretty good.

All the “fever” is over, now the cost is 35, but I’m fine, although I’m not uploading the daily content, because I’m also going to a restaurant that I opened for my mom, and I’m doing the paperwork to open the boutique.

Men don’t want serious relationships. I am single because I have tried to have something with the men I like, but I have discovered that they only want a bed and nothing more.
video luisa espinoza with students twitter

He is an open-minded boy, he supports me in my projects, he is hardworking and tries hard. Before, I did like detailing, I liked paying the bill if we went out, but there is a point where you say: why do I have to do this? It’s like I’m buying love from him.

He has to be tall, 1.80 to 1.90 meters, white, between 25 and 35 years old, with a good personality. So far I have not had this.

I’m going to have to fall in love with someone with an open mind or from another country without prejudice.

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We had broken up when we made the s*x tape, but we hit it off really well. Then he got upset because I started to feel comfortable with Mr. X, he called me angrily, complained to me and then the story of his death spread.

This is on purpose. Even the family doesn’t know. I called him a couple of times and when we talked he told me that he was fine and there he did a live broadcast explaining what happened. We didn’t talk anymore after that because he did something he didn’t like.

He made a very bold video with my sister about bringing men into my house when I wasn’t. He practically lived at my house when we were together and I knew that wasn’t true.

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