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Map Of the Master Plan Put In The Collectorate, Objections And Suggestions Will Be Taken Till July 16

A Master Plan has been brought to make Farrukhabad city beautiful. The uses have been changed in the proposed master plan for the development of the city,while the width of the roads will remain the same. At the same time,the map has been installed at the collectorate. During this, objections and suggestions have been sought from people to make the city beautiful.

To change the face of the city the map of the Master Plan has been made public as soon as it is ready. With this the land use of the villages adjacent to the city has been determined. Land has been proposed for business, industry, residential, park, green belt etc.

As soon as the maps are installed at the collectorate,crowds of spectators are gathering there. The map is made by a Jaipur based company. At the same time,the representative of the company said that no change has been made in the width of the main roads of the city in the Master Plan of 2031 prepared. Some new roads have been proposed.

Area wise proposed land use

Residential, Community Amenities Business from Qadri Gate Square to Chandpur via Maseni Crossroads. Agricultural area land at village Amethi Kohna, Maseni and Bhagua Nagla for residential community facilities, park.

New residential area has been made on Kayamganj Road from the intersection of the road leading to Roshnabad to the railway line.

New residential area has been made on the Kayamganj bypass from Kuiaboot Kharbandi to the tiraha of the road to the railway line.

30 meter wide road has been proposed on the Kayamganj road from Roshnabad Tirahe to the station road on the side of the railway line.

New area has been created for residential, commercial, industrial park from village Papiyapur to Bewar road on the bypass road from Central Jail intersection.

The Special Economic Zone has been left on Bewar Road from Papiyapur to Baghar Nallah with a width of 250-250 meters on both sides.

While 30-30 meters green belt has been left on both sides of the 45 meter road from Central Jail intersection to Baghar Nallah.

25 meters wide road from the edge of village Kutra on Kanpur road to DM house on Kachari road via Ganga.

A 30 meter wide green belt area is proposed below all HT lines of regulated area limits.

Municipal Water Corporation, Transport, Electricity and Industries departments etc. will work in the Master Plan.

Objections and suggestions solicited

City magistrate Deepali Bhargava said,an exhibition of the map of the Master Plan has been put up. Anyone can submit their objections and suggestions by looking till July 16. They will be decided by the committee. This date can be extended further.

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