Viral NewsMichael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Video Went Viral On Social Media

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Video Went Viral On Social Media

A blurry video of Australian cricketer Michael Clarke, who used to be the team’s captain, has been shown on TV. In the video, Clarke can be seen shirtless and speaking very rudely. He also says some swear words. While watching this video, you can also see one more person who was part of the heated argument and was easily recognized by the people and the audience.

The person in this video who isn’t Clarke is Today Show host Karl Stefanovic, who has been a part of Michael and his girlfriend’s heated fights. Stay tuned because we’ll be talking more about this disagreement. According to the news, Michael was on vacation with his girlfriend, his partner, and his girlfriend’s sister. The video was taken while the former cricketer and his girlfriend were on vacation in Queensland. The man can be seen arguing on the video.

In this video, he was said to have cheated. Michaela’s current girlfriend, Jade Yarbrough, said that Michael cheated on her with his ex while he and Michaela were with Jade’s sister, Jasmine, and her husband, talk show host Karl. This happened earlier this month, and now the altercation/dispute video is coming out. According to reports, this happened on January 11, 2023.

Michael and his girlfriend were having a heated argument, and Michael’s girlfriend, Jade, could be heard saying that Michael cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend, Pip Edwards. In this conversation, it’s clear that Jade and Michael are fighting, and while they were fighting, Michael showed up shirtless in front of the house. Jade told Michael that she had shown him the texts that she and Jasmine had. In the meantime, Karl and Jasmine came forward.

Jade says that Michel texted his ex-girlfriend during the fight and talked to her just before Christmas. This is what Jade says in the video. During this talk, Jade was getting closer to Michael, but when Karl walked in, she gave him one slap. Karl tried to help settle the fight, but Michael slapped him instead of talking to him because he had joined in.

On the other hand, Jade got angry about this issue and said, “Slap me if you’re going to.” At this point, the two were swearing and shouting at each other. The whole conversation was recorded and posted online. Michael’s face was clear during the whole argument, but the other people’s faces were blurry because they were too far away to record.

After this video went viral, both Jade and Michael responded quickly and talked to each other about it. Michael said he was sorry for what he did because she was being mean and rude. He said that his actions led to a less-than-shameful and regrettable fight, and he also said that he is broken because of what he did. On the other hand, Jade also responded to the situation. She wrote on her social media that Michael wasn’t telling the truth and hadn’t taken responsibility for what he said he did. She said that Michael had lied to her in a very obvious way.

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