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Milana Khametova Photos & Video Went Viral On Social Media

Many people, including children, have uploaded their videos and are making money. Most kids who follow child artists are either the same age as the artist or younger than that artist. These influencers have many fans because their content is good for the whole family and can also be watched by kids. Milana Khametova, a model, born into a middle-class family and now a star because of her popularity on social media, is one of these people.

Milana used to get help from her mother when she posted videos online, and she still does the same thing now. This child artist’s YouTube channel and other social media pages have gained a massive following over the years.

Milana is a model and social media influencer who became well-known thanks to her vlogs and beauty and fashion videos, which she posted with the help of her mother. Milana used to post videos of herself putting on makeup and taking care of her hair. She also posted lip-syncing videos, which helped her get more views. Later, she started posting dance videos, which her followers loved.

Milana was born on March 5, 2010, and is 12 years old. Milana’s mom used to post videos of Milana putting on makeup, taking care of her hair, and dancing to many different songs. She later started a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where she posted videos of her daughter, which got many views.

Her Instagram page has grown over the years, and now about 1.3 million people follow it. The influencer also has a lot of followers on YouTube, where they watch her vlogs, videos, and lip-syncing videos. Milana has 90k followers on her YouTube channel and will soon have 1 million subscribers.

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Milana’s mother set up an Instagram page for her daughter on April 20, 2014. She used pictures of Milana on the page, which helped her gain popularity and win the Best Photo Model for Moscow award in 2016. Milana also participated in many beauty shows for kids as she got older.

Later, Milana joined the social media house Super House Russia, which also helped her get followers and become well-known through TV. Milana’s mother used to post videos of her daughter Milana, but then she also started posting pictures of the rest of the family. In 2020, the mother and daughter also posted about Christmas on Instagram.

Milana also has many people following her on other social media sites. She recently put up many pictures on her Instagram page and has more than a thousand posts. Often, she became a star, and her fame has grown since she was young.

She will run her pages and make her videos in the years to come. She just wrote songs that helped her make more money and get more attention. Milana says on her Instagram page that she is a singer and a model. She also has links to her Spotify and other music albums.

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