Mississippi State coach Mike Leach hospitalized in Jackson – what happened to him?

Mike, the coach of Mississippi State, is in the hospital. This week, the school and the University both announced that Mike was in the hospital. According to the news, the coach had a health problem that led to him being admitted to the hospital. Officials at the university confirmed the news and made several statements about the situation. Mike is 61 years old when he goes to the hospital. Many people prayed for the coach’s family and posted their thoughts online.

When he was said to be in the hospital, Mike was 61 years old. Officials from the University had said before that Mike was taken to the hospital early on Sunday because of a health problem.

Mike was taken by helicopter from his home in Starkville to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. It was not said what was wrong with him or why he was there, but it was noted that he was hospitalized there. Even though it was 200 kilometers between the two places. People said that his health worsened, so he was taken to the hospital quickly.

Marc Rolph, a spokesperson for UMMC, said that Mike was listed as a patient at the hospital, but they were only told that he had been admitted. They did not know why Mike was in the hospital.

In a separate statement, the school said their thoughts and prayers are also with their coach’s family and his wife, Sharon. Mississippi’s Athletic Director, Keith Carter, added that he also prays for coach Leach and his family. While the school also said that no one had said anything about Mike’s condition,

Mississippi and Illinois play a game, and the team needs to be at the Reliaquest bowl on January 2, 2022, in Tampa, Florida. As there was a game between the two groups, the officials named the next coach before the hospitalization was over.

Athletic director Bracky Brett and Mississippi State President Mark Keenum put defensive coordinator Zach Arnett in charge of the team. Mike was at the state tournament for the third time and had a 19-17 record. Toward the end of the last season, Mike had pneumonia and a persistent cough.

Mike was a coach with a record of 8-4 and a record of 19-17 as a player. Before he came to Starkville, he spent 10 years with Texas Tech and Washington State and three seasons with the Washington team.

It was said that Mike is in the hospital getting treatment and that until he gets better, Zach will run the program. Mike is known for being a coach and for working with the Washington and Mississippi teams over 21 seasons.

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