HeadlineMujer Lanza A Su Bebe Contra La Pared Full Video Viral On...

Mujer Lanza A Su Bebe Contra La Pared Full Video Viral On Social Media

People are even more curious because this video is shocking. Make sure you read this article to the end because we’ll tell you what’s going on. Lately, a video has come out that shows a mother throwing her crying baby against a wall.

In Trujillo, it is shocking, and now everyone is talking a lot about this video that was uploaded. People are also wondering how a mother can do this to her own child, since they have never seen a video like this before. In the video, the mother is holding her baby girl, who is crying and shouting very loudly. A few minutes later, the mother stands up and pulls her baby with a lot of force, which hurts the baby.

What’s in Mujer Lanza A Su Bebe Contra La Pared Video?

Now that the police are looking into the whole thing, they have found out that the child is only 5 months old and talking about how her 17-year-old son recorded everything on his camera, which was not allowed by the police. They have also found out that his mother arrived at the location, which is said to be her home, drunk late at night. This happened in Alto Trujillo.

Now, the authorities took the baby and took it to the baby health center right away. The baby had bruises all over her body, but she is stable and no longer in danger. However, many parts of her body are hurt, and her mother has been arrested and is now in custody. Everyone was shocked by this video because we all know how important the bond between a mother and her child is, but in this video, we can see how badly she was treating her own child.

So far, we haven’t heard any more news, but we’re doing our best, and if we hear anything from the authorities, we’ll let you know. We know that the mother and baby form a strong attachment and bond that makes the parents want to give their baby lots of love and affection and always look out for and take care of the child.

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