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My Hero Academia: Season 6 Part 2 Episode 13 Release Date, Trailer, Theme Song & More

Welcome back, everyone, and here’s some big news for MY HERO ACADEMIA fans: Season 6 part 2 is almost ready to come out, and the rumors about season 7 are still true. The latest episode will take the show into the new year. It will be the last part of this series, and some scary bad guys and brave heroes are coming to keep you entertained. There is no information about seasons 7a and 7b, so they are going to keep going.

So season 6 will come out on Saturday, January 7, and the first episode was already on the official Japanese website. This season will end in March 2020, and they are also working on making a DVD list for the most recent season. Each volume will have 25 episodes. The original Manga series had 375 chapters, and 328 of those chapters have been covered. This means that more chapters will be released not just in Japan, but all over the world. The show was one of the most popular.

Ratings for My Hero Academia: Part 2 of Season 6, Episode 13

A score of more than 80% on some websites made fans even more excited, and their happiness will be multiplied by 10. If you’ve been reading the comic book series, you might have an idea of what will happen next. But people who don’t read Manga very often will be surprised. There have been many reports that the budget will be doubled for this season, and the theme song is already out.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Part 2 Episode 13 Preview

The animation and graphics are top-notch, and no one has ever complained about how the show looks. We’ve seen some fantastic fight scenes throughout a season, but next year will be hard because Attack on Titan’s final season is coming up, and millions of fans will be watching it simultaneously, which will probably break the internet.

The episode will come out simultaneously, and they will use the Tartarus Escapees story arc. So this is really good news for everyone, and my hero academia has always been best at telling stories. But all in all, Anime fans are in for a great time, and they will see some things that will make their mouths water. They never disappoint their fans, and they always come out on top.

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